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Hard to loan young players & no offer for my playerd

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My young players with 4-5 stars potential is not getting any offer when I listed them in loan. Why is it so hard to loan them?


And I noticed that some of my players(this case Dybala and Kovacic) don't want their contract to get renewed,so I had no choice but keeping them. The problem is why is there not any offer from any clubs? This happened with regular players too,in real life you would see that they get offer from another club no matter what the reputation is(higher or lower). I always have to use 'Offer to Clubs' option which lowered my players' value if I do that. Transfer listed them won't do it either. I don't get any offer.

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Some changes have been made in this area that should be noticeable after subsequent updates, especially when managing larger/higher reputation teams. 

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 This has happened in multiple saves and it has totally ruined all the fun from game.I am unable to sell players who earn 100k-200k  even when they are best in the world i get no offers at all  generally  happens to players who are old.i have a striker who has scored 40 goals and even then there is no club who wants him even after i transfer list him every time i get "the players wage is too high" he is on 135k. i mean seriously in real life crystal palace have a player[ max mayer] on 170k and he doesn't even play every day.his value is 89mil  i have gone as low as 35 mil still no club has offered any money

This Problem was there in fmm18 but was not that as bad as this year i mean its impossible to sell a player who has won player of the year has scored 35 goals in season at 28 years of age. In real life teams would kill to have a player like this in there team but even after going below his value no offers are made by clubs

This year you get no good players whose contract is expiring in real life there are at least 15 world class players who are going for free in summer. i mean a players who has not player for club more than 5 games a year signs new contract of 4-5 years i mean why and his happens always.  Why does my players keep asking for improved contracts till they get 100k+.and then i cant sell them because" the players wage is too high" 

And what's with players signing for clubs in portugal like benfica and porto in my every single save they end up with best players in the world i mean i get it they get the best young talent but why is martial at 27 moving to benfica from juventus. You guys have somehow managed to make transfer situation worse than last year great job. 



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