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Malysain Team unable to sign any ASEAN players under 30 caps. Including their own players to new contacts.

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So I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug or not, or perhaps it is a newly implicated rule in the Malaysian leagues. But there is a rule in place that prevents me from even making offers for any players from ASEAN countries with less than 30 caps, including offering new contracts to players already at my team.

I started a journey man save and got offered the job at Selangor Football Association, since they where one of the only professional teams who gambled on me I went with them. Two of their best players are both from Indonesia, which for those who don't know is an ASEAN country. Evan Dimas is 23 and only has 3 caps in my game(22 IRL according to Wiki) & Ilham Udin Armayn who is 22 and has 0 caps(2 IRL according to Wiki). They where signed IRL and this is their first season. At first I thought the rule in place was for signing players based in those nations, but  I recently noticed (due to their deals running out) that I can't even offer them new contacts, which is quite annoying. My problem with this is how where they signed IRL? I tried to do some digging (My Malay is not up to scratch) but all I can confirm is that there is a rule in place limiting the amount of foreign players in the squad. From the sounds of it this should be a total in the squad and not just match-day squads, while ATM I have 8 (14 if you count trials) but good chance I just misinterpreted what I read.

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