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Game keeps crashing when saving

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I am in my 1st season, I disabled the first transfer window activity and I am at 30th of December managing a team in league 1. I have a match against another team of my league and when I finish the match and try to save the game (instantly after finishing the game) the game stops responding without notification (I just open Task Manager because it takes ages to save and never actually does and sure enough the game is tagged as not responding). Opening dxdiag finds that direct3d acceleration is not responding (99% sure it's not a hardware problem because the laptop is fairly new and unused, also diagnostics tests found it clear). I have to add that game stutters A LOT in the match engine, while steam fps counter says that it's a solid 60 fps and the mouse looks as if working in 60 fps as well. That means that most definitely, the match engine somehow bugs the game, disables direct3d acceleration and crashes the game. I don't know if anyone else has the same problem (searching I found a lot of people complaining about the stuttering issue but none complaining about crashing when saving) but really SI, I have been buying this game for 8 years straight and I've never encountered so many performance issues. 

I have to add that the game is _heavily_ modded as in facepacks/logopacks and a ball physics one. Maybe those were the problems, but since no one else reported having a problem with those mods then I would rule it out. 

The dxdiag info providing is right after I restarted my PC. Mostly for system info details



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