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"The teams are warming up." crash at end of match

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This has happened a couple times before, and I made a thread about it, but can't find it. 

This hadn't happened to me since the first day the full game was released.

This is especially annoying as I just beat champions Liverpool as newly-promoted West Brom. Have to force crash the game and reload now, with my most recent auto-save five in-game days prior to the match :(

The message came up as soon as I came onto the end of match team talk screen, but am not able to click on anything, and has just been stuck there. Used task manager to crash it.


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When it crashes, did a crash dump message appear? Or did it just froze and you have to go to task manager to force quit the game?

If you have crash dump file, you should be able to located it at C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\crash dumps 

Can you post your dxdiag and the crash dump file (if you have one), please?

Also, can you reproduce this crash after the end of specific match if you play it again?


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