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On 14/03/2019 at 16:35, Nobby_McDonald said:

Excellent youth intake. Shame the season petered out to pretty much nothing.

Aston Villa relegated to League One. Crikey.

It was a shame, we could never find a second goal scorer behind Wilson. I didn't notice that Villa had been relegated til you said so. :lol:



First are the outs and the only big name is Jose Gata. He had kicked up about wanting to leave during the season and he was played out of the squad so for $625k it was time to say goodbye. Matt Blake, Kallum Butt, and Aleksandar Nikolic leave on free transfer, they never played and had no future so why keep them. Besides that a bunch of youth players are out on loan.


Only two players come in with the addition of Lee Farrell and Giovanni Amadori. Farrell comes in for $230k, a cheaper and better option than Gata and someone that can help grow the squad in the next few years. Amadori was brought in on a free and will rotate with Classon at Lb, unfortunately he got injured before the start of the year and missed the first few matches.

League Preview


Of course the media thinks that we will finish bottom again, thankfully predictions do not always become reality.

August & September


We fixed the goals problem from last season, at the end of September we have a league high 29 while only conceeding 9. I've noticed that either we blitz oppenents from the start (Bury, Notts Forest, and QPR) or it takes us a little bit of time to get going. The Hull match had to be the most impressive, just from the fact that we went down 0-1 and were creating very little to making a few subs and turning it around in the space of 2 minutes threw Deco. Mark Wilson yet again leading the line with 7 goals but with contributions from Campanelli, Chibueze, Wilmot and Deco. The only losses to Charlton in the EFL Cup and Sheff Utd (frustrating match as we edged the stats but could not finish our chances).

League Table


After two months we sit top of the table, 4 points ahead of Derby and this might be, hopefully, the year we get promoted. The tactic has flipped the script from last season and we'll see if it continues.



I've been watching Second Yellow Card's series on youtube and really liked his tactic so I thought we would give a try. Started using it towards the end of last season with mixed results but as the squad got more used to it the boys have really taken to the system and performing really well so far.

2026 World Cup


Thought y'all might like to see who to bet on in 2026. Suprised to see Serbia make it all the way to the final but ultimately lossed out to Italy.

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On 18/03/2019 at 16:43, Nobby_McDonald said:

Great start to the season.

It is, the two losses sucked but you can't win every match.

October & November


Overall a good two months with 5 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses. The losses to Ipswitch and Sunderland were entirely deserved, we just did not play well in those matches. Snatched a late equalizer against Preston to end November. The victories against Middlesbrough, Hudderfeild and Brentford are very impressive as they have all played in the Premier League in the last 3 or 4 seasons and still have alot of quality.

League Table


Still in 1st place but only by 7 points after the little blip in form. Maybe those victories are not as impressive with both Brenford and Middlesbrough are in the relegation zone. Still top the league in goals scored and one of the best defenses so far.

Squad Stats


Heres how the boys are doing so far this season. Mark Wilson leads the team in goals at 13 with only 8 for finishing. Campanelli having a very impressive campaign with 6 goals and 5 assist. Zubcic has been the best defender on the team and hopefully he gets a call up to Croatia. Paul Vaughan has appeared 20 times this season and has come along way since last season with lots of potential still to fill.

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December & January


Not a good start to December with the losses to Leeds and Swansea, but bounced back with back-to-bck victories against Millwall and Bury (Wilson scoring 6 goals in the two matches), and finally a draw at Hull to end the month. Beat Notts County to advance to the fourth round of the FA Cup against Arsenal and got a suprising draw at home. The loss to Luton and draw against Charlton hurt because they are both in a relagation fight right now. Big win against Blackburn who sit fifth in the league.

League Table


Still seven points ahead of Hull in first, have a huge match against Derby in the beginning of Febuary that may decide promotion. The battle for the playoffs is very intense this year with Bristol City in 13th only seven points off of Derby in 3rd. There was no moves done again in the January, other than Will Swan leaving for Vancouver because he was not playing.

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Posted (edited)

Looks like you're definitely Premier league bound now. Hopefully that result is enough to help keep Luton up without harming your title push! :thup:

Edited by coady

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Sorry for not updating for awhile, school has gotten very busy at the moment

February & March


Very good February with four wins and one loss in the league, looked unbeatable on our day. Then March came with four straight draws to clubs all over the table and a loss to Bristol City to end the period. Don't know what happened, we had the same amount of oppurtunities but just couldn't put the ball in the net.


League Table


Still in first but our lead is shrinking, now just 5 points ahead of Blackburn but 12 point ahead of Hull in 3rd. Sorry Coady and Nobby I'm trying to help them but they just don't want to get promoted right now.

Youth Intake



Not as good as last years but still decent. The only is that the best prospect, Lloyd, is a center back a position we already have good youth in.

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