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Jupp Heynckes Bayern 2012/2013

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My first topic, about Manchster City of Pep Guardiola, is very succesful, we've got a lot of comments and useful tips there. Now, i hope, Bayern fans will help me, to recreate the strongest Bayern of all time, and that Bayern is Bayern of Jupp Henckes from season 2012/2013.

In this topic I would to recreate their very ofensive high tempo pure gegenpress.
So, at the beginning, how do they defended?: I didn't see them pressing really high, they just dropped on own half and defend with low block,  and waiting for counterattack. Something like Atletico.

"Heynckes' Bayern play a different style of pressing, one that is more balanced and based on containment. Defending in their own half is somewhat more of a risk in that it does put the opponents closer to their goal, but Bayern are rather comfortable keeping their opponents out of shooting range while in their attacking half.

Bayern defend in a more classic sense, and it's rare that opponents get between the back line and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

What makes Heynckes' system so special is how every player defends. If an opponent tries to run up the flank, he will have a full-back and winger to take on, and often striker Mario Mandzukic as well. If he tries a move in the center, the entire Bayern team descends upon him, swarming to win the ball back."

Mentality: I think their power came from diffrent settings. I think they used control and ofensive mentality against weak teams, and standard against strong or "equal" (for example Juve or Arsenal). In my opinion, they used defensive in famous semifinal against Barca.

More: Also I think they used diffrent tempo's and passes (short/ more direct/ standard).
Very narrow defence pitch and very wide/wide in attacking, as they attacked focusing on flanks than middle.
Play out of defence and overlaps are also considered as a part of Jupp's tactic.
Crosses should be mixed, but i set low crosses because of my short strikers.

"Heynckes' attacking system is altogether different from that of Guardiola. Whereas Pep's Barcelona typically operated through the center, Bayern spread the ball from the middle to the wide areas, and then they bring it back to the interior again. In fact, five of the seven goals Bayern scored against Barca in their recent tie followed play from out wide.

In addition to using the full width of the pitch, Heynckes' Bayern use a wider variety of attacking methods than did Guardiola's Barca. The fact that their defense plays deeper means that Bayern can counterattack more and they can play out wide and through the center, using dribbling, through balls and crosses both high and low."

4-2-3-1 from Template is ok, with IF(A) on left (Ribery), AM (S) in center (it could be also Shadow Striker as MUller, but let's set AM as Kroos), IF(S) on right (Robben), PF(A) Mandżukić, B2B in midfield (DLP(S) for Schweinsteiger probably fits better), and BWM (Martinez; about his role I am not convinced, let me know what role is the best for him). Fullbacks (Alaba and Lahm) are CWB(S), and CD (Dante and Boateng) are BPD(C).
Neuer is attacking goalkeeper of course :).

Here is my proposition:


What would you change?

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42 minutes ago, LeonardSnart said:

Except that, what would you say about this tactic?

When FM19.2 is going to be relased?

Heynckes tactic should be high press + man to man marking,but pep is high press + passing lane blocking.
so 1st thing i will change is high pressing.

2nd maybe 2 DM 4231,& not 2 CM 4231

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Drop the wingers back. Change BWM(s) to a playmaker on 'hold position', to dictate play, bring the ball out & recycle the ball won. Too much movement in defense (fullbavks), are you not concerned about it?

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I am a little bit concerned.  What about Fullback (A)?

What would be roles of wingers? Inverted wingers (S)? And what about counterattacks, if wingers will be playing lower than AM?

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The concern is not even the roaming effect of the Fullbacks, it's more 'how many are given license to go forward'. I've used two, but I set two CM's on 'holding' roles. That way, they'll be available, both flanks, when a counter attack happens. Can use one player to mitigate the effect(a Half back's role is primarily to allow WB/FB to push ahead.....) Also.

As for 'what roles', I'd prefer you experiment for yourself. Suggestions should be much more 'dynamics of play' than 'role changes' which may/ may not work according to the gamer's desires. 

Dynamics: If your wide players tuck in, allowing the Fullbacks occupy the width, more predilection to (WM/WP/IW) than ( W ). 

TI's also have effects, so keep em veryuch, minimal and build from there(once you've noticed what you want from basics)

English a bit flawed. But you get.

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