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Mr Jabay

My personal wishlist

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Hi Riz,

First: thanks for still working on this game! I am a huge fan of this game:)
I want to take the opportunity and help to make this game even greater. There are a few things which I want to mention in this regard. If any of these could be changed this would be sooo great.

1. In the sort screen, can you add the ability to sort players for their draft ranking?  (Ohh, please, please, please)

2. In the sort screen: it would be fantastic if we could select more than one player for being scouted. Dunno, maybe add an option  saying scout all in page, or so.

3. Young players aged 17-21 should try harder to get higher quality playing time.
For example, very often players are stuck in their resp. U20 clubs, although they could play in the parent club. Or they should be loaned to lower level clubs (and get playing time there).
Players from more exotic places should go abroad waay more often.
I see soo many players in the UK, Japan, New zealand, German minor leagues and so on ... with fantastic game ratings. Shouldn't they try their luck in Sweden or so?
The same in the AHL: the clubs should sign (undrafted) players from college hockey or so. When I play an AHL team, I can always sign the top players (from ECHL, College, ...) with absolutely no competition from the other teams.

4. When playing in Europe, I see that many teams have tremendously bad players in their lineup; although there are much better options available. Well, this is not soo bad, but: so often these players get extended! It would be great if clubs realize their expensive import players with a game rating of 6.0 and 5 points are bad and replace them by the available younger and better ones.

5. When playing in the NHL, I see that young top players request and accept very cheap contracts; at least, when they are not high draft picks. For example, I've got an undrafted player, 22 years old, coming off a 50 goal season. Then he asks for 2.5 millions per year. After such a season he could easily ask for 9 Mio., I think. Maybe this depends on his reputation, which is not very high.

6. The quality of the staff should be higher. Many NHL clubs sign scouts as their head coaches and so on. I think more high quality staff should be generated, especially more staff with "technical skills".

7. Now one of my personal favorites:
It would be sooo awesome if we have more pre-, in- and post-season updates and lists. I personally love these lists. Right now we have only lists about the top players for each positions and the top prospects. Can we have more (also: pretty, pretty, pretty pleaaase)?

For example:

Before the season
- a list showing the best undrafted prospects.
- a list showing players to look out for (for example, players with the highest boost in the offseason, or players who rose in the teams depth chart and might have an increased production)
- a list listing teams by their prospect pools.

During the season, after each month
- a list showing the most improved player for my team (for ex. by CA increase or increase of monthly production)
- a list showing the "hottest" players in the resp. league (say by point production)
-a list showing the "hottest" youth players in all of the junior leagues

After the season
-a list showing the most improved prospects (either by point production or increase in CA).
-a list showing the greatest busts and disappointsments

For national competitions:
maybe a list showing the top players in the WC or Olympic games?

8. more information about a player:
for example, we could add information about Stanley Cups/championships/AllStar Games/... in the player description. It would be great to add the number of U-20 games played.

9. Old players are still too dominant. For example, in my current save I'm in 2027. In the NHL all of the top players are over 35, which is also reflected in the pre-season list of the positional top players: only old players are listed, altough they do not have the highest point prodution or GR. I feel older players should degrade quicker.

10. The U-20 national teams are too often filled with 16 and 17 year old players. Can - or should - this be changed? It's of course not a biggie, but I just wanted to ask.
Very often I see the opposite with the men's national teams: young, good players are nominated too rarely.

11. Does it make sense to simulate random jumps in CA or PA of a player?
This should reflect that players can be late bloomers or just have a career year very early and then decline steadily.

12. When I search for all players from a specific country, having a specific age, not all players come up in the search result. In fact, hardly any are shown. For example, I wanted to search all French Players aged 12-19, and only a few were shown.

13. Is there an upper limit for players and staff in the game? I once added 100k players (via Archies Editor) and the game crashed beacuse of an Array Overflow.


Cheers Riz and EHM community


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