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Overlap/Shadow Striker

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Back in FM15 I created a tactic that used wing backs to provide overlaps to a shadow striker that would arrive late in the box. Since then I have tried to implement that same attacking combo in my tactics, but not getting it to work at all. 

I have tried it using several different formations and several different tactical setups in order to recreate it but I am unable to do so. I just end up with no penetration what so ever. 

I realize that crossing from full backs in FM15 was probably overpowered, but even so. It should still be possible to create a tactic that utilize this to full effect.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can  get this to work?

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I just came from fm16, and I also heavily featured a SS in my tactics. Unfortunately the SS, just doesn't have the dynamic runs and ability to find space that he had in previous versions. It sounds like it might be AMC roles across the boad, but don't quote me, I don't really know the others.

But I did find that a Pressing Forward (S) did a lot of what my SS did for me in fm16. He harasses the opposing holding midfielders in defense and then makes runs in transition to find space in front of the defense. He also is solid in the box, getting on the end of crosses and jump on balls passed into space behind the D.

He doesn't have the dynamic movement the SS had in build up, it's more vertical running and less lateral. But if you brought in some support (say a CM (A) or BBM (S) who like's to get forward) to cover that weakness, you might be able to get back that SS in the middle playstyle.

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