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[FM19] Klopp that Mr Tuchel because I am always Rhine!

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First Half of Season 20/21


Great month in October, undeafted out side the League Cup game where I sent out the kids and reserves. I decided early on to just ignore this competition for this year but we almost beat the defending champions HSV and probably should have to be honest.



November was a more brutal month, we got well beaten away to Arsenal but then out and took down the previously undeafted Bayern who at this point had played 11 and won 11, however we had other ideas and we dispatched them. We followed that with an ugly loss at home to Wolfsburg, I have no idea where that came from, it just went all wrong and we got an embarrassing home loss. The entertaining 2-2 draw with Athletico was not enough to get us out of the Champions League group so we would battle with Shakhtar in the final game of the group for 3rd place but we only needed a draw to make it into the Euro Cup.



A much more improved month, saw us win 6 games in a row. This included beating Shakhtar and taking out 3rd spot in our group. We will move in the Euro Cup and I have good feeling we can cause some problems and have a deep run (hopefully not famous last words) The 5-2 beat down of Leverkusen to head into the winter break was very satisfying.


Winter Break 20/21 League Table

Again the Bundeslegia is playing out to be very even, its a little frustrating that 3 other teams are also having great seasons so its top 4 shootout at the moment. Beating Bayern really helped, they slowed down a little from there onwards but Dortmund and Hoffenheim are also flying hard. I've not really had any answers for Dortmund in the games we have played so I need to learn how to beat them soon if I am going to push for a title but at least we can enjoy our Xmas dinner from the top of the table!


Squad Update

Some players have really come along as the season as gotten better, Casteels is now playing much better and is yet to make a mistake since those first 2 errors that lead to goals earlier this season. Captain Arp is banging in the goals, hes played every game so far and is on track for back to back European Golden Boy titles but hes getting tired and needs a rest. I am too afraid to rest him as hes just so important to us and the best option to sub in is actually Rollheiser but hes now taken over the Inside Forward Right position so for now, Arp has to fly solo but I will likely make a signing in January and I have an Idea who its going to be already. Sebastián Palacios has been training well and is now accomplished as Inside Forward Left so I can finally rotate Marin out for a rest and to be fair Palacios has been brilliant when hes has played so its perfect. The biggest issue I have is getting Morilla more involved and contributing more, hes played as AM and SS but not set the world on fire, I am not exactly sure what I can do to get more out of him but ill keep trying.

I will need to deal with some of the unhappy players soon, I have been a little biased towards some players so I need to rotate more. I also have quite a few players who are wanted and so I expect January to be a little brutal. 


Tactic Evolution

Currently playing this system but you will probably know by now that I am constantly changing and updating roles and positions. I have been running with this and a variation of this formation and different roles since the 0-3 loss to Wolfburg. I have 2 more other systems that I use in parts of a match and I always change the mentality during the games, I always usually start with Attacking and if we snag an early goal I'll sit on Balanced for a little bit to try and stop the AI rage. The tactic very much asks for Arp to be in form, if hes on his game, we will usually win as it creates at least 3-4 chances for him each match but if hes having a bad run then we have to get help from others to score and bail us out. Thankfully hes on more than off....


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