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FPS drops when mouse is idle.

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So this isn't going to be the most pressing of issues to fix as it only affects G-Sync users. Basically when in game (not match) and you stop moving your mouse the FPS drops to 40FPS, for most people this isn't an issue as FPS in menus really isn't important but with G-Sync this causes a really annoying flicker. This is partly an issue with G-sync and will happen in all games under a certain FPS threshold. The annoying thing for me is that the FPS drop I mentioned, I'm assuming it drops to conserve resources, I mean why bother using unnecessary power when your essentially looking at a still image, buy why does it stop at 40 and not 30, 20, 1? If it was a conscious design decision to stop at 40 is there any way to force it to stop at 60?

It happens in both Fullscreen and windowed modes, however if you click off the FM window to a 2nd monitor, another program/desktop then the flickering stops. Assuming this is due to it being back in the desktop environment and g-sync is not kicking in or something. One obvious work around for this is to turn off G-Sync in the NVIDIA control panel for football manger only. Under "Manage 3D settings" --->"Program Settings"---->"Monitor Technology"

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Hi this is known issue with G-Sync and FM19 and one that we are investigating.

I would suggest you to turn it off until further notice. Sorry about this.

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