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[Suggestion] New Player Attributes

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  1. New Attributes: TECHNICAL


                  Premise: the last FIFA I played was ‘98 (RtWC) but i think that they have now some attributes that FM should stole:

    1. Volley. it would depend from "tecnique", "agility", "balance" and "finishing" or "passing"

    2. Sliding tackle - standing tackle. That’s in particular can give defenders more variables and you, as a manager, can (e.g.) play with an higher defensive line also using slow defenders but with good sliding tackles (and good position of course)

    3. Skills. I starting love football thanks to some old tv program about Pelè. When WC94 arrived i just turned 10yo and in the final i, italian, supported the opposing team ‘cause there was Romario. Then in 1996 i saw Ronaldo in tv and it was amazing. All this premise to say that ‘skills’ and ‘flair’ are important part of football for me.
      This attribute would be not a stand-alone, but it will depends from ‘tecnique’, ‘flair’, ‘agility’ and ‘balance’.
      It would be both an aesthetic attributes (that some fan love and boosted merchandising, support etc... for some teams the show of a game has the same importance of results), both a way to distinguish player that can can thrash a man marking for example.

    4. Long Passes

    5. Short Passes

    6. First time passes - it would depends from 'tecnique' and short or long passes

  2. New Attributes: MENTAL


    1. Reactions/reflex: i think that should be an important attributes not only for the goalkeepers

    2. Awareness: how a player knows his own ability - that would be important to determinate his role in the team (e.g. if think to really deserve more app, or in the team meeting before a matches in response the possibility of victory etc..)


  1. New Attributes: PHYSICAL


    1. Explosion: it determines the explosion speed in the first few meters. Different from acceleration that is a) a speed-dependent parameter (e.g. how can we know who player is the faster in the first few meters between one with acc 20 and speed 10 and one with acc 10 and speed 20?) b) act in 20-30 meters

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