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OTF Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2018

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well well well 

well well well

It went down the wire there in the only leaderboard that matters. This list rewards honesty, integrity, gamesmanship and properness. 

So no place for obvious cheaters CC, Sebsy and Scott. 

It was neck and neck all the way to the end. 

And the winner is... 







@Bliss Seeker

Hurrah. Oh wait, no :( it's @Sons FC

Couldn't even win my own fricking game 😭


*3 points added for the handicap of entering a round drunk

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Top Posters In This Topic

Another top quality quiz, thanks Wigmore

Congrats to CC too, all the top 3 were pretty impressive.

Now I can turn on notifications for tagging again so I don't have any idea what my likely score will be when I read the results

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Very well done Wiggie!! It is always a real highlight of the year.

Also, very well done to @Confused Clarity for winning the quiz.

Wow - top of the non-cheaters league - don't know where that came from - a lot of luck in December - I had just come out of Gimpy's Christmas thread when the quiz was put up, so I managed to get al five - a lot of luck along the way.

Thanks also to @Bliss Seeker for running the non-cheaters league.

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