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Staff responsibilities suddenly changed , and can't change it for Affiliate club's U19

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So, I started a save with Partizan Balgrade, got a good season with winning everything domestically , then most of my staff contracts ecpired (I left them expire because I wanted to bring in new members) . Anyway after that I suddenly found out I have taken control of the Affiliate club's (Teleoptik Zemun) U19  as a Head coach (it's reasonable in some way because the previous head coach have left, but there were enough staff to replace him automatically) . So now I'm in control of two squads , Partizan Senior, and Teleoptik U19, and have to lead the Teleoptik u19 squad trough all their matches , which is really annoying. I have tried to change responsibilities for the Teleoptik U19, also to hire a head coach for them , but the board won't allow me the transfer. Also I don't have an option to change responsibilities for Teleoptik U19 (I have that option for all the other squads: Partizan Senior, Reserves, U19, and Teleoptik as you can see on the picture() . 
For now I have fixed the problem with going on vacation for a day when the Teleoptik U19 match is on , but that's not a long term solution . 

Maybe I'm off topic, and this is not a bug, just a coinsidence produced by my activity, but I would like you guys to take a look on it, maybe we can find a solution, or ther is someon else who has a somewhat same problem. 



partizan staff resp..jpg

partizan affiliates.jpg

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Thanks for the feedback. 

Do you happen to have a save game from just before the staff member leaves and you are put in charge of the 19's? if you have that save game available would you be able to upload the save game to our cloud service. Details on how to upload can be found via the link below. 



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