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Stadium appearence

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My teams Stadium has no corner stands, it has only the big two side stands, even if though the editor I set the capacity at 15000. Is there an xml file I edit for the stadium appearence? How can I make a teams stadium have all stands and corners? Please help im searching for days. 

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Hey, there is no possible way to edit the stadium appearance yourself, the only way it will change is having different capacities. There might be something on FM scout or something like that website that might have custom stadium editor, etc but I highly doubt it. Goodluck!

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You can enable "Stadium sides" section.



Go to your Football Manager data folder - and find comp editor.fmf file.

Extract this file with Resource Archiver (find on steam->tools).

Now you will have comp editor folder (you can delete comp editor.fmf - editor will work just fine with extracted version).

Go to format/database folder and find stadium.xml file.

Open it with some text editor and find line   <!-- Stadium Sides -->

You will see line  <boolean id="debug_only" value="true" />



Just delete that line and save your file.




After this stadium sides section will be visible.


One more thing - when you add new stadium - first add stadium sides, after that capacity setting on details section anf after that seating capacity setting on details page - in this order.

If you first add capacity - editor will create sides right away so you need to delete some settings there. Also capacity on details section must be same number as total capacity for all added stadium sides.

Use calculator :D

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