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Hello, I'll show you some ideas that can improve FMdB. I hope you continue this project as cool as this app helps me a lot to meet new players! I'll be honest, I did not sign the service due to being too "shallow", I use the Free version and hope that in the future I'll add new features so it can be worth the amount to be spent.

The App interface is locked, somewhat slow. I would like the application to be more dynamic, with a cleaner look (like SofaScore and Onefootball). That would be too much.

The means of seeking players or clubs leaves much to be desired. Searching only for names is a waste of time for those who have a database as big as the FM... First of all it would be interesting to move the search for clubs to another place of the app, where we could look for the countries, and find in them the existing leagues of that country, and so find the clubs (same as FM). Already in the search for players would be very good if it were possible to also add filters, such as nationality, league or club that plays... Or even search for attributes, positions, market value, salary and etc. (Same as FM). These options would greatly help you find players more easily. There are many functions that I hope in the future to add.

Please expand the number of favorite players to 50... The current amount is very low, so we are losing players due to the space provided.

It would be very interesting information from our heart club on the homepage, such as current cast, best players, training, name, competitions that participates, players hired, sold and etc. Bring back the transfer tab with news, such as filter by club, nationality or price. That would be great...

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