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Hi Everyone

So not a lot of people seem to be using registas in their tactics. I was wondering if someone can provide some information on how best to use the role as part of a midfield trio. What would be the best formation en player roles to compliment a regista? I have been trying to use the following formation without much success:


WB: S..........CB: D..........CB: D..........WB: S



CF: S..........CF: S..........CF: S 


Mentality: Positve

In Possession: shorter passing, play out of defense, work ball into box, be more expressive, play through the middle, slightly lower tempo

In Transition: take short kicks, distribute to centre-backs, counter, counter-press

Out of Possession: extremely urgent, prevent short GK distribution

Any advice?


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Groete van PE af.

@westy8chimp wrote a lot of tactical posts about his seasons at Leverkusen. Here's one specifically focusing on a Regista. Maybe that inspires you as he has also posted quite a bit about what his thinking is etc.



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43 minutes ago, Bird_SA said:

Dankie ek sal bietjie loer. 

No prob. If you still need advice, post details of the tactic you created and what your issues are.

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Personally I prefer a back 3 or double DM when using a REG to make sure he has cover and the rest of the team can get forward and give him options. Or a defensive FB with a player providing the width in front of him.

In yours I'd be concerned which players will be good defensively, especially if leaving 3 up front.

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