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Turn based online feature ? (combat lag and time)

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Here is a valid idea i've had for some time: I love playing fm against my friends but being an adult we have different jobs and even lag is an issue. 

Why not develop a turn based online section of the game where i play say 10 games but not his team and then he can play his 10 games whenever he has the time and then i can continue, meaning not playing the game in real time but rather turn based system were we can still compete and even play our teams when the other one is not there. Or maybe we schedule to play just the games our teams play on a certain time.

Why this would be good well connections and lag is always an issue but mostly the time he or me takes to set up everything is different and we wouldn't have to be forced to play in real time instead whenever we like but still compete against each other ?

I hope everyone understands what i am trying to say. 

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