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[FM19]A Colwyn Blows Through England...

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Right oh, here with another save, had a bit of trouble settling into one this year, for some reason, hopefully this will be it.

Playing as Colwyn Bay, starting in the Northern Premier League Division One West, hell of a mouthful, but in short, eight tier.

Rules are pretty simple, will only sign players eligible to play for Wales, and ones who are but later declare for another country will be quickly dropped and sold. Basically the same as I tried with Merthyr Town last year, but starting a tier lower.

Youth Intake graduates will be exempt from this rule, as I'd hate to ditch someone who came through the ranks. Will count it ala Athletic Club and their current acceptance of players who've "had their football education" in the region.


Expected to finish 5th which ties in with board expectations of a playoff finish, so will have to perform right off the bat.


These are the best players at the club.

Currently rated as having no (relatively) great prospects, but that might change once I sign an assistant manager to overview the squad.


This is the man undertaking the task of guiding Colwyn Bay forward.


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6 minutes ago, ManUtd1 said:

How many eyes does Arthur have? Is he a pirate? What is his policy on grapefruit?

At least four.

Not a pirate as far as I know, but they find out a new history for him every week.

Like all good men, he's a massive fan of them, for eating, making drinks, or as an effective projectile weapon.

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Just now, BoxToBox said:

At least four.

Not a pirate as far as I know, but they find out a new history for him every week.

Like all good men, he's a massive fan of them, for eating, making drinks, or as an effective projectile weapon.


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Pre-season was pretty excellent, mostly played awful nearby teams, but all we really wanted was a bit of fitness, and one of our CB's to start figuring out how to play left back since we have none of those. Time for a scour of the free agent market.


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9 hours ago, Goofan said:

It's already been 7 hours and you haven't won the Premier League? What's happened to you maaan?


Jokes aside, will be following! What formation are you using? Good ol' 4-3-3?

It's a terrible showing, no mistake! :lol:

At the minute, 4-3-1-2, don't have any reasonable wide mid/forwards. That should be only temporary, no idea what I could be using later on.


1 hour ago, DefinitelyTaylor said:

Will be following. We signed Colwyn's best player (Jack Hindle) in the Summer; so I'm very thankful to Colwyn for supplying us with a great player. :lol:

Cheers! Hopefully I'll get to keep our best players in future, mind!

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First month of competition done, and we're firing.


The 4-3-1-2 fluid counter is working well, with a pair of rapid strikers teams can be cut up.

The best goal came from a CM, though.



Brought in a handful of Welsh players.


This lad became rated as the hottest prospect once he joined, and is our starting left back.


Received this marvellous offer for one of our starting CBs.


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4 hours ago, Fer Fuchs Ake said:

Solid start. Will be following :thup:


4 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

You've started very well in Wales/England Box.

Newcastle Town are doing well too. :)


Even better now!

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December was pretty ideal. These cup runs are the difference between slightly in the red and very in the red. At the start, I was hoping we'd keep about water long enough to get some youth upgrades, but it wasn't to be.



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A few losses in the league in January, but with good reason, played the youth in both games as I needed starters fresh for these cup runs which are keeping us only slightly under water.
I wouldn't have even tried that though, had we not opened a gap enough in the league to let us take an odd risk.



Our best player Tom McCready has for some reason signed a new deal with us, far more money than we really should be paying a bloke right now at 230pw, but he's rated as a leading player for clubs a division above us.


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Another long month, and we've done amazingly in the FA Trophy, Aldershot Town in the semis though, should handily end our run, a fully Pro side fighting for promotion from the National League(3rd, 3 points behind leaders Chesterfield). We'll try though, 20 for winning the semis, and 60k for the final would be massive for us. Compared to 5k for winning the Challenge Cup outright...



We've also had the youth intake. Rated as a golden generation, I have my doubts but we have two lads who are potential gems at this level.


The big thing here for me is plenty of good personalities. There's lots of high pa stars too, but I reckon at this level that's pretty meaningless.


Looking at Charlie Williams, though, he's fairly quick and technical for this level, on par or better than plenty of players I'm starting. I think the short term team should be built on his talent, but he's our only winger. I'll figure something out I want to drop him into the starting team.

Ashley Barker, he's not far off our starting CB's, and better than other rotation options, should get game time before the season ends.

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March down. I hadn't realised the FA Trophy semi-final was two-legged. So, after an early goal we managed to keep Aldershot to two. A narrow loss and hit them on the break in Colwyn to take the game and into the final!
We'll face Maidenhead, also a National team, but one in a relegation battle.

Also, sorted out those Mintcakes, but not ass decisively as I'd have liked.



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Season's up, and everything's gone just perfectly. Especially financially, as we're now 158k in the black. Hopefully that'll be enough to get some youth recruitment and coaching upgrades


Maidenhead weren't really at the races here, after their relegation, should have wrapped it up earlier.



Signed these two up once promotion(and next season's budget) were confirmed. 3.5k for Evans was saucy for us, but I had to tack the chance while it was possible.


Not sure he watched the same match I did, we legit outplayed them.


This is what I'm most pleased with, the club has a much stronger Welsh core than at season's start, though I'll need to replace the right back at least, and probably find a new goalie.

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Well, a long, weird summer and first month down, and we're back in business.

Squad's in decent shape, barring DM, where our starter was poached by a Spanish Terraca side, and they're paying him 2kpw. Which is about what I'm paying my entire squad, and he wasn't one of my better players...
What he was though, in hindsight, was irreplaceable. Welsh DM's, or even defensive CM's willing to play at this level are thin on the ground. Even guys not very interested that I had to offer to overpay and clauses out the yahoo were all taken by other clubs regardless. One lad rejected 350pw from us to join an amateur club... Not even a decent loan out there.

Managed to squeeze in an upgrade to Coaching and Recruitment(now at Average and Fairly Basic, respectively), with the balance holding so far at about 170k in the black. Hopefully it'll stay like that a few months longer and give me a chance to request more upgrades.

At leats one good thing is that the clubs in this division are no better than the last level(shockingly so), so while we were predicted to do terribly and the harsh summer, I was expecting survival to be the goal. As it is, we're smashing through most teams handily. Scarborough were expected to win the league and while it took an injury time peno to beat them, we should have been 3-5 goals up at that point.



Guiseley are here after back to back relegations.


That 10k on Murray was a bit of a reach at the time, with hindsight though it's possibly the most important deal as he's now our starting and only DM.




This is the DM, well CM/RB, but was a DM for me, that got carted off to Spain.



On the upside, the squad is now almost all Welsh.


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Another month down, mostly busy with the trio of cups, but that suits me just fine for now.





This brings us up to adequate/average, respectively. Not sure why adequate is a higher ranking than average for junior coaching.

Brought in two more players on loan from parent club Wrexham.


Also, released another English player, leaving captain McCready as the last non-Welsh holdout of the old squad.


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Attack of the killer cups!

This was a brutally tough month, with multiple cup replays, but this is the month that I'll look back at as the very most important in the entire save.
Drew League 2 side Crawley Town in the FA Cup first round, and assumed that was our lot. A good run for for us, and made a pretty tidy sum. We managed to draw at home though. Again, thought the next game would be our lot, with an added cash bonus for playing at their ground. No idea how it happened that we battered them on their own turf, no bloody idea, but in the next round we drew a fellow 7th tier side in Hastings. I knew we could beat them so rested the starters ahead of the game, and done the business. Into the third round, with the possibility of a big money draw! Which we land, in a massive away game against Liverpool. They'll grind us into dust, but the payday should see our already good for this level finances(up to 200k) sorted right until we reach a pro level.

Also, to start Dec, I checked, and the option for youth upgrades was open again, which were accepted after a bit of ear bending. Up to good coaching and above average recruitment, so hoping for a very tidy intake next time around.




We actually fell apart from a 2-0 lead in the first game, only to hold them off for the replay.



This fella was transfer listed for 2.4k, so I brought him in as our wing depth was incredibly bad.


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We played six games in December and it felt like a breather compared to last month. Not much went on other than some standard fixtures, and I brought in another player because of course I did.




Kid is an absolute beast, though!

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2 hours ago, DazRTaylor said:

I tell you what, a tier seven side only losing 4-1 at Liverpool is genuinely impressive.  :thup:

Probably the best result of the save so far, cheers!

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January done, and knocked out of two cups. One expected, and one I was hopeful of continuing on in. Other than that, tipping away trying to get to the next intake with our ever increasing youth coaching/recruitment...





I can't believe I was hoping for one, maybe two upgrades before the next intake, and here we are with it near maxed out. :lol:

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Another month passed, and out of the last cup, in a game we really should have won. More important though, is continuing on in the league and the intake we've just had.




Not quite the magical explosion I may or may not have been hoping for but a solid prospect and our new starting keeper.


A year down the line it's worth looking at the development of last season's gem.


Turning out great.


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Another month down, another step closer.



Also one more signing, George Ray, a player I know well from many saves in the past. He's carrying a serious injury for another month or so, he's more being signed while we have the chance, for next season.


Also, in talks to sign a young CB from Man Utd, on a youth contract but also on their release list, so is approachable for no compensation right now. I didn't know that was even possible until I scouted him.


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14 minutes ago, Northernpilgrim said:

Congrats on the promotion :) 

What's the target for next season?


Depends on how the summer goes, but considering we've been very competitive with any National North sides we've faced in cups aiming high might not be a bad idea.

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