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Transparent background not appearing in some screens

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Hi  - I am using the base dark skin provided by Michael. I am trying to get transparent background on the screens attached. Can someone point me in the right direction how I can make those screens transparent?

As you can see, the inbox panel is perfect. But the News screen, Match preview screen and the match in-between highlights are not transparent. I would like them to have the same transparency and background as seen in the inbox screen.

Also, i wanted to add a different background in the match in-between highlights screen. How do I do that?

any help is appreciated. thank you.


Crzy psycho_  Inbox.png

Crzy psycho_  News.png

Livorno v Sporting_  Match Preview.png

Livorno v Sporting_ Match Field.png

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1 hour ago, steveyisatard said:

For the transparency:


i used this to get transparency on most of the screens. However, it did not work for the screens mentioned above (news, match preview and match day)

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