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Lillywhite Dean

Player requests transfer when future transfer has been arranged

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One of my players complained to the media that he was fed up of being left out of the first team. He was already transferred listed and before I chose how to respond to the media story, I offered him to clubs to which I received a message saying clubs were interested.

I then responded to the media story saying he would just have to be patient. The board were satisfied with my response.

I then received competing bids for the player. I accepted them both and I received a message to say the contract from Coventry had been rejected (I wish the notification would state which club had been accepted rather than rejected).

I looked at the players contract page and a future transfer had been agreed with MK Dons.

I then hit continue and I received a message to say that the player has requested to leave my club to escape the spotlight. This doesnt make sense considering a transfer has already been agreed.Screenshot_20181117-120420.thumb.png.84ff3e2e2c25189bc698f2dd1769d42a.png


I have a save of the file but I keep getting an error message saying I am only allowed to upload 9.77mb.

Also, can I make a request for the discipline player feature to be enabled for when players complain to the media. That is unprofessional behaviour.

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1 hour ago, Luke Warrington said:

If we can get a save then we'll take a look at these issues, cheers Dean :thup:


Hi Luke, I think this is the save. Cheers 👍

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