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FM19 Rags To Riches - Sign Up

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Quite simply this is a sign up where all I need is a player name, position and which 'playable' nation you want your player to start in.

The idea of this is for all the players to start with a CA of -1 and a PA of -10 meaning your bottom of the pile come the start of the game and hopefully be bought and developed into a world beater. Your player Nationality will all be the same (From a European Nation), but you can start anywhere there is a playable nation that does not need loading (so in other words whatever is currently in the game).

Granted, there is not a great deal you can do to 'mould' your sign up player, this is really an experiment as to see how players can develop and how they can develop a National Team - and hopefully we can together create another sign up where more detail can be used to give you greater 'ownership' of your player and their career.

I require x 2 players per position maximum and then away we go - you can create a player once every hour, this should speed things along and get us up and running sometime tonight.

To sign up, all I need is the following:

Player Name: Should be obvious

Player Date of Birth, just need day and month (eg 12th Of Nov): (all players will start as close to 16 years old as possible - the game will start with the earliest pre-season of England)

Player Position: GK, SW, LB, CB, RB, LWB, DM, RWB, LM, CM, RM, AML, AMC, AMR, ST (Let me know if I have missed a position).

Nation you want to start in: I will then look at the database and place you in the best reputation team for the lowest playable league (For example if you picked England, I would look at Vanarama South and North, the team with the best rep is where your player would start).

European Nationality: All players will also play for the same country, so think about some low ranked European Country (San Marino, Gibraltar or even a nation you would just love to see grow and become world cup winners, maybe Macedonia or Scotland ;)) So just write your country here, the highest picked will be the country we start off at.


Copy and Paste the below and use to fill out:

Player Name:

Date of Birth:


Anywhere in the World Nation to Start:

European Nation to Play for:



The below is for me to update so opening post readers can get a feel for numbers signed up without scrolling all the way down.

Current Sign Up Stats:

GK: Full

SW: Full

LB: Full

CB: Full

RB: Full

LWB: Full

DM: Full

RWB: 1

LM: 1

CM : Full

RM: 1

AML: Full

AMC: Full

AMR: Full

ST: Full

Nation to Play For Currently Stands At:

Wales (6), Scotland (5), Gibraltar (4), Moldova (2), Luxembourg (2), Kosovo (2), San Marino (1), Turkey (1), Latvia (1), Montenegro (1), Northern Ireland (1) Belarus (1),

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2 hours ago, jtiessen said:

Player Name: Ace Robinson

Date of Birth: 11/15

Position: CM

Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Croatia

European Nation to Play for: Wales


Position full mate, can you pick another please? - Thanks.

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15 slots up for grabs (well 14 really once @jtiessen picks a new position for there player) - And Wales will then be the leading pick for starting country with 3 votes.

So come on gang, lets get this full today so when I get in from work I can work on the database and get it up and running. Really interesting the range of countries picked and with 14 more votes to come in, will Wales hold on, or will a country come through to pip them at the post?

Thank you all for adding your details.

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19 minutes ago, jcp1417 said:

a pa of -10? what does that mean


@jcp1417 each player is given a PA (Potential Ability) and CA (Current Ability) score, these are seen in the editor but is not something seen in game. The team or researches give players current and potential scores based on what they see and what they believe will happen to those players. If they are not 100% sure they will give them a - (minus) figure, this then generates a score for the player (randomly) each time the game is either loaded or a player is generated.

So with these players the idea is that when the game loads in, they are scored in the worst bracket, but with the potential to be the best in the world - below is what the - figure means and what that means in terms of ability (this then dependent on playing position will translate into stats).

So to answer your question, a pa of -10 means they can develop into one of the best players in the world and will have a maximum skill score of between 170 and 200 (Messi has a CA of 195 when the game starts, and Mbappe has a CA of 171 but can develop into a player with a CA of 196).

Hopefully that makes sense, basically it helps generate a random number, which in turn creates a players stats.

-10 = 170-200
-95 = 160-190
-9 = 150-180
-85 = 140-170
-8 = 130-160
-75 = 120-150
-7 = 110-140
-65 = 100-130
-6 = 90-120
-55 = 80-110
-5 = 70-100
-45 = 60-90
-4 = 50-80
-35 = 40-70
-3 = 30-60
-25 = 20-50
-2 = 10-40
-15 = 0-30
-1 = 0-20

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Player Name: Joe Peters

Date of Birth: 29 June

Position: AMC

Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: USA

European Nation to Play for: Whatever has the lowest rep

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Player Name: Oscar Adams

Date of Birth: 11th March

Position: CDM

Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: England

European Nation to Play for: Gibraltar

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8 hours ago, jcp1417 said:

Player Name: Joe Peters

Date of Birth: 29 June

Position: AMC

Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: USA

European Nation to Play for: Whatever has the lowest rep

@jcp1417 Gibraltar has the lowest rep - thanks.

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5 hours ago, jtiessen said:

DM then please

@jtiessen lol, that position got picked an hour before yours - so pick again :-) If it fills before you get back to me - I iwll make sure the player has the final position and Wales gets another vote. Sorry!!!

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8 spots left and Gibraltar have taken the lead by 1 vote over Scotland and Wales (jtiessen has voted Wales - awaiting player position).

We can get these 8 slots filled over the next 8 hours and before I am back from work can't we? Will Gibraltar hold on?

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6 slots to fill and a 3 horse race for the country they all play for - will it be Gibraltar, Scotland or Wales........or will another country come out of nowhere?

Let's see if the night shift message board gang fill the final 6 slots!!!

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5 slots left, Wales take the lead.

If your reading this it means you are taking an interest or just nosy :-) Well help the sign up complete as soon as possible by spending less than a minute to create a name and a couple of nations and lets get this done.

Remember, 1 sign up per hour is allowed - so make sure the country you want all the players to play for wins.

Will get this up and running tonight after work if its full.

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Just 4 slots left, off out for a run and on my return I will start on the database and get this going - I will add the final players if short without voting for nation - so as it stands your all Welsh.

Back in a few hours.

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ok, so yesterday I went for a run, then just messed around in the real world and never got round to doing this.....and this morning just 3 slots left :-)

I'm off out training again, and then WILL do the database, if you have clicked to read this - then please, just get some details down - just 3 spots need making.

Cheers all.

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