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Playing against previous clubs

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I am currently in February 2020 with Alfreton after getting sacked by Hemel Hempstead (in April 2019) and then Curzon Ashton (in June 2019).

Hemel sacked me for underachieving against the board objective of play-off place, even though the media prediction was mid-table.

I was shortly back in the game to keep Curzon Ashton up, who were 3 points from safety with with 4 games to go. We managed to get 3 drawers and a win playing ultra defensive, and this kept us up. Then there was a board takeover and I was sacked, as they wanted their own manager to come in. 

In July 2019, I got the Alfreton job and we are performing above expectations, and we have done well in the FA Trophy.

We have just beat Curzon Ashton in the league (they are 9 points from safety now) and we have smashed Hemel Hempstead in the cup 6-0, which I was absolutely delighted about. However, there weren't any press conferences or even mentions of either of them being my former clubs in the build up to the games. Selfishly, and unprofessionally, and would have seriously lauded these victories over them and probably just typed "Ha ha ha, you're going down!" in the free text boxes but I didn't get given the chance.

Has anyone else played against a former club and there hasn't been any apparent knowledge of it in the game?

Considering the animosity between the clubs and me, I thought there may have been something.

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