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"Baker's Dozen at Forest Green - Brave New World"

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On 01/02/2019 at 09:38, Hootieleece said:

Is the Chairman overruling you on all these transfers or are you playing "Moneyball"?

Some of them are clubs meeting the transfer minimum, others were "too good to turn down" grabs by the chairman. A couple of the players demanded to speak with bidding clubs, and even though I had their asking price set several times their value, the Premier League teams gladly would pay it. Realistically, a club at League 2 level's going to take those offers, especially with a 30%-40% sell on clause. Largely because of that, Forest Green's one of the richest clubs in England outside of the "big 6"...which you'll see as we make our ways up. Because of that, I've been able to snap up some potential wonderkids that have as good or better potential than the Dozen. 

Oh, and to answer the other half of the question, I'm always a big believer in Moneyball - buy a ton of prospects young, develop them, keep the best and sell off the rest (and include those "next sale" clauses for later income.) Without spoilering too much (okay, probably spoilering too much), I have a $250 million+ transfer budget that I'll never use and I'm $1.7 million/week under my wage budget. 

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