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[FM19] US Palermo – Looking For Stability

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Matchday 38



It was the bare minimum result we needed to secure the title and, even if we could have done better, this 0-0 was enough.

As a result, we're officially Serie A 2021/2022 champions !!


It was never in my mind before the final sprint, even less in January when we were 8 points from top, but our form improved and all the usual suspects had a disappointing season.

We also did well in the games against our direct challengers, capitalizing on our ultra-dominant defense. We finish the season with only 18 goals conceded, the best season of any team this the start of this save.


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Great Win for Palermo. Grinding out results. Much like my ASSE Team. I would be dominant if I could find a striker I could depend on...

(top 5 every year in Ligue 1 and in the quarters or semis of Domestic Cups and Latter rounds of Euro and ECC!)

Any plans on changing tactics or spending extravagantly to defend your crown?


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