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Minuy's Travels, FM18 Edition: Relegation-Riddled Adventures

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March 2019


I'VE WON A PRICE ON FM!!!!!!!! That was so long overdue, incredible. It has to be said Arsenal played half a B team, but do I care? No I do not. I finally got that damn monkey off my back. We're in Europe despite everything now too!

The rest of the month... No thanks. We got dominated against Atleti and fluked that win over them only to rightfully get put into place, and the league results were downright bad. I call nonsense on that Watford game as they scored ridiculus screamers and we couldn't score from less than a feet away from the goal. Thankfully Mr. Holy Vardy saved our skin late on against Southampton!


The late win was crucial to our chances. Without it, we were practically relegated. Now we have a good chance to leapfrog Newcastle with a game in hand over them.


It's Fulham, Stoke and Palace where we NEED to get points. Tottenham are in poor form so we could have a chance there, but I personally expect dissapointment. Working on our goal difference would prove useful too.

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April 2019


We're doing just enough. The Fulham draw was really painful to watch, but straight after we won against United, so it's ok. The Palace match... oof. We lost our only proper rightback in Adam Smith and another hugely important player in Riyad Mahrez untill the end of the season. Yeah that's no fun.


Could've been a 5 point lead over Stoke, but it'd be a major upset if we got relegated from this position. Fulham are already out and Leeds are one match away from their impending doom. We did our part in the title race by increasing the gap between Arsenal and United. The EL race is still on between Southampton and Tottenham.


That Burnley game at Turf Moor is hands down the most important game of our whole career so far. It could make or break our season. At the Everton game we could get a point too... But without Adam Smith it's likely a mountain to climb if we were to get it.

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May 2019


Super unspectular in terms of results. Could've been 3 extra points if we didn't give away the win against and a draw against Liverpool in injury time. Doesn't matter in the end because...


We're safe and we did it comfortably! Results went our way after the Everton match so we never had to battle too hard. Newcastle have problems, clearly. Hull just barely made sure we'd not have all promoted sides out in season 1. Hopefully season 2 syndrome doesn't hurt them too much. Southampton did well to hold off a weak Tottenham. Crystal Palace had a great charge eventually. West Brom completely collapsed after we beat them back in January, only winning an amazing 2 matches out of 16. Watford has officially gone mad, winning 3-0 only to lose 8-3 and that kind of rubbish. Everton failed to live up to their ambition... not hard when their manager is Tony Pulis.


Overall... Not too unhappy about this adventure! I finished a season and actually won silverware which gives us another stab at Europe. I'll gladly reach 2020 with this team! If anyone wants to see the awards etc, just ask me. I'm not too interested to show them without an incentive of the crowd.

Next up, the season review!

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2018/19 Season Review


What happened here? We went from Real Madrid being brutal and Levante doing miracles to the former failing to put a dent in the title race and the latter failing to put a dent in... anybody really. Malaga gets relegated after 11 years of straight top flight football while Vallecano and Valladolid comfortably could prepare themselves for next season. Cordoba... uhm... their logo's nice? Getafe are back, eep. Granada and Osasuna return too, kinda boring.


Seeing Fuenlabrada in the last 16 and putting up a fair fight against Betis is a nice suprise. An El Clasico final can be interpretended as 'holy cow awesome' or 'ew no thanks'. I'm more of the latter. At least Barcelona won it.



Yes, the PL did get played this season! Gasp. Huddersfield and Brighton come straight back up while Derby is our new potential demise.


Tottenham may have forgotten how to Premier League but they made it up in the FA cup so they make Europe while Southampton's effort were for nothing! Wow i'm so happy right now......... :Bowen:


Whatever we won this anyway so it's none of my buisness. Apparently Burton are more of a Manchester City fan.



Juventus :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: (sorry)

The city Milan is gonna ruin the league after Juve did aren't they
It was either second season syndrome for Benevento or 3 entirely new teams. Lesser of the two evils down there I suppose. Not like we get the most riveting teams in return, Chievo and Sassuolo get straight back while Parma delayed their promotion by one season compared to real life.


Albinos, unite!!!! Juventus really must've put all their efforts in the CL. And hey nice, we have a decently unpredicted winner in Fiorentina there. Good stuff in Italy.



Bayern are Bayern. Hoffenheim have got that upward trajectory going and qualify for the main CL rounds for the first time ever. Wolfsburg are fearing to fall back into obscurity again, Schalke are consistently mediocre finishing 8th twice in a row and the promoted sides... they weren't ready. Ingolstadt, Bochum and Fortuna Dusseldorf will be the next ones to try their luck in this promotion-unfriendly league. Suprisingly HSV, Hannover or Stuttgart didn't make too much haste getting back up.


Look at that now, Hoffenheim's good days are really starting up now, huh? Something tells me Hannover focused on the cup instead of trying to get back to where they belong. Not that smart imo.



Other than the title fight, a decent season in France. Angers managed to finish 5th after only narrowly beating Ajaccio in the play-offs last year, leading to an unexpected EL qualifier. Nice... what happened? They were in the relegation zone the entire time I was at Leicester. Speaking of the relegation zone, that was a tight battle if I have ever seen one! Hopefully we'll see something as exciting as this with the comeback of Rennes, the this time succesful Ajaccio and the big unknown (not in FM19 they ain't) Stade Reims.


What the HECK happened here? All big clubs got eliminated by the round of 16... PSG in the 9th round. On penalties. By none other than Troyes. Who had a okay at best run themselves. At least we see the man Raineri in Europe again. Thank you Claudio. Thank. You.


Thanks for permitting Angers into Europe, PSG. See guys? They do have a heart. Which is probably... 1 cubic milimeter big. Reims couldn't resist holding Nantes back from a cup double. A cupple?



Akhmat Grozny get their first relegation to their name after their name change. Kuban was Weak with a capital W. Spartak Moscow and Zenit swapped places, seems like those have an edge over the rest. CSKA easily got back into the CL... Why did they ever let go of Slutsky in the first place? He's quit again now though. Orenburg and Kryla Sovetov did well to stay up. We'll welcome Tosno and SKA straight back, hopefully with new lessons learned. Spartak-2 suprisingly finished 2nd in the 2nd tier, goes to show Spartak is in fact a force to be reckoned with.


Well I feel a sudden urge to buy Volgar the Viking. Zenit are showing the duopoly etc etc etc.

Quite a lot of 2nd and 3rd division clubs in the round of 16, that I do like.



Sporting Portugal finally won a title again, without Bas Dost (sub at Tottenham now) but with Phillip Cocu. Boring football my bum. He will join Dost at the afromentioned Spurs next season. That's quite a stark contrast to IRL, ain't it? Now then. Braga are in the Champions League!!!!! Porto was a bad theatre piece after their sublime 2017/18 season. It's Deportivo Aves and Gil Vicente who we welcome into the Liga NOS. The latter of which missed out the season before by one position, with a mildly weakened league you could only bet they would make it. Aves aren't nearly as good as they are IRL sadly.


'Well', said FC Porto, 'We liked that we hit the semi-finals of the biggest club competition in the world... but what about the cup?'. And thus they vastly ignored everything except it. The end.


An attempt for a cup double in an otherwise failed season and they mess it up against Rio Ave of all teams. Yep they're going mad.



Ajax, Ajax, Ajax. When will you realise the league is something to not underestimate? Just look at your pals in Rotterdam. Those know what they're doing. Oh and Dutch football improved enough to have 3 teams in the CL. Very nice indeed. PSV was an absolute tragedy oh my god. Danny Blind, ruiner of everything he manages. Twente ended their European ban in style, getting right back as it got lifted. A shock relegation for ADO, among with the less shocking Sparta and NEC.


Fortuna's promotion. Now that's a story. They lost promotion on the final day after having led the 'regular' pack since the halfway point. But they showed just how strong they were by being the one who relegated the almighty ADO. Willem II return after a rough-ish season for them. Almere City did well to hold off NAC Breda and do one better than the consistent 8th place of the seasons before. Telstar, my most local team, sadly have to go for the season. Who will replace them? We will never know.


Just win the dang thing already Helmond, you know you want to be the worst Dutch pro club but still somehow end up in Europe.  :lol:

I actually visited Rijnsburg this weekend, nice to see them do well.



Can you believe it? We won't have Juventus in the CL next season. Insane. Seems Italian and German football are on the rise while La Liga took a big blow.


Fair play Ajax, despite not walking the league like they're supposed to do they instead, together with AZ and Feyenoord, helped Dutch football to a high high. Massive job of them to beat Atleti and PSG.

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June 2019


We brought in a new defender. He can play at both right- and centreback which is really useful considering we have a thin defense now that Benalouane has gone out the door on a free. Dan Hayden is a very exciting talent, being only 18 years of age and getting 2 stars rated, indicating a breakthrough at the back could well be on the cards. Joe Hart is our new backup goalkeeper for the coming season. He was cheap enough to pick over, for example, Jasper Cillisen and most importantly, he's English.

We're still planning on selling Adrien Silva who wants CL football which makes us need a replacement at the middle. With the money we'll recieve from the transfer and the 23 million Euros we have in the bank at the moment that shouldn't be too crazy difficult. We also need a new 25- aged goalie for next season as both Schmeichel and Hart are slowly losing their touch over time.


Proper talent, that. Could use some training in dribbling if i'm honest.


Very solid for his age. Could become a world beater, even!


Could very well replace a declining Schmeichel if his performances drop. Has a lot of 10+ stats. His off the ball woes worry me a little, though.

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July 2019


Decent friendlies all around. We seem to have good weapons at our disposal against Atletico in particular.


Most of those signings are nonsense from my HoYD, however we loaned Bentacour for the second time this save (the first time in the first season when I wasn't in charge yet) and got another exciting prospect from the League 1. Ahmed Musa is sadly not of use anymore so he exited to fellow PL club Hull. Jakupovic was an easy target as now we have Joe Hart and he's been on the decline hard. He was completely useless here, makes me wonder why we had bought him for 2,5 million in the first place.


He'll be solid for us I reckon. First time around he appeared 11 times for us and scored once. Then again, he was only 20 at the time.


Not as good as Dan Hayden but he has a bright future in front of him if he grabs his opportunities in the PL2 and against lower league opponents in the cups.


Tough start in the PL ahead. Why isn't the EL draw known already...?

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Oh yes. This dumb competition exists. I'll not pay much attention to this... Nice to be drawn against my favorite EFL club, even if they hate us to the bone.


I saw some laughable teams make it to the 3rd Qualifying Round and we get one of the strongest. Typical :rolleyes: Shouldn't be problematic if we stick to our plan, hopefully.

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