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Questions on individual training (FM19)

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Posting in its own thread; I guess the "Unofficially Official" stickied thread wasn't the appropriate place:


Apologies if this has been clearly laid out elsewhere but I'm still fuzzy on the individual training (specifically position/role/duty).


I rarely have a clear "this is how I want to play" vision. I tend to look at the club, see what my players are capable of and design a tactic around that.


What I'm unclear on with individual training:


1) I tend to vary my roles/duties based on who is available for a match; a versatile player could end up all over the pitch over the course of the season, or in the same position with different roles/duties. If a player is just left on "Playing Position", do the attributes they train change based on which role/duty they are using in matches? Or does "Playing Position" just do generic training for their "Natural" position(s)? Or generic training for the position they last played (without regard to role or duty they played)?


2) If I specify Position/Role/Duty training for a player, is that the position/role/duty they will "expect" to play (as in, it will reduce their performance level if I train them for a specific role/duty and don't actually play them there in match)? My understanding was that the role training before was basically just a way to focus training on specific attributes so I tended to train players in roles that built up their weaknesses even if I had no intention of playing them in that role. It would be more realistic of course if the role they trained in was what i was planning to do with them but just wondering how that worked now. Given that position retraining is now combined with role/duty, I get the feeling that I should only pick specific position/role/duty for a player if that is where I intend to play them but would love confirmation on that.

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I'm no guru, however from reading those who are, I gather a player left to train the position they are playing will improve in the attributes needed for that position. Individual role training looks to improve the attributes of the those considered important for the role in question. For example, if you have a pressing forward who can't tackle, there is no reason you couldn't give him role training for a Ball Winning Midfielder. An extreme example, but one I have sometimes used for attacking midfielders.

 If you are trying to train a left midfileder to play left defender for example, you can't just give him role training and expect him to know how to play. He will improve his attributes for the role, but that won't improve his performance like playing it will. Similarly, with the example above, your striker learning the attributes of a ball winning defender, his tackling and marking and stamina should improve, but unless he is a youngster, expect these gains to come at a price, being loss of attribute points in other areas.





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