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Not a single player wants to join on trial

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Summary: No player who is offering his services (via the scouting centre) wants to join my club in Hong-Kong for trial training. Important: It's about the players who are offering their services to me.

Description of Issue: First of all: I totally understand that most players refuse to go on trial to a small club in Hong-Kong, but the problem is: some of them should. Especially the ones, who are offering their services to me. In my save i get several mails in my scouting center per week from players out of contract or their agents: "i would like to considered as a potential signing" and so on... Since i know nothing about them (attribute masking, bad scouts) i want to take them on trial. On my previous clubs on FM 19 (i was in indonesia before, the club was even smaller) all these players had no problem to train a week on trial. In Hongkong everyone (!!!) of them rejected to go on trial. And i got more than 100 offers from players and every single time the rejected going on trial. So i think that it's maybe a bug, because if an out-of-contract-players offers his services, at least some of them should have no problem with training a week with my team (as long as they have no other options of course). It's totally fine if some of them say, they are established enough in the game that they don't do trials any more, but still: some of them should have no problem, but everyone refuses... Btw: I search for young players from Hong-Kong without a contract, i can take them on trial. It's only a problem with players from other corners of the world who want to join me, who are coming to me.

Btw: If I offer them straight a contract, they would join me without a problem.

Steps to Reproduce: Start my save, try to offer trials to the players who are offering their services themsevels or via an agent in the scouting centre. 

Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: trialrefused.fm





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