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FM Research: Vacancies; How to Contact Head Researchers and How to Get Involved

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Thank you for opening up this thread.

By doing so, I presume you are someone who is interested in helping out with FM research in some way, whether offering advice or information, to volunteering to become a club researcher.

We are continuing to expand our research team not only throughout England and the rest of the United Kingdom, but throughout Europe, into Asia and the Americas, and out to the Caribbean, Africa and Oceania, which have always been harder to find both FM gamers and people who are interested in providing continuous updated data in those areas.

We welcome speculative research applications from all. We do not pay club researchers, unfortunately, though we do provide a free advanced copy of any Football Manager PC game that you have worked towards. All researchers are included in the credits for any game that they have worked towards. We have heard from several current and past researchers that having a voluntary role as a researcher for Football Manager is a great addendum to their CV, and has helped their applications for employment or for study to stand out to prospective employers.

We also aim to use this thread to promote the many excellent localised forums where our band of Head Researchers manage their research efforts with help from their assistant researchers and the rest of the FM community.

Links to the relevant forums and Head Researchers can be found in the following list, and more specific information about English research can be found in the second post in this thread.

If you are interested in researching in a country that is not listed below, please contact us (scouting[at]sigames.com) and I will ensure that the relevant Head Researcher receives your enquiry.

Argentina - You can directly contact Head Researcher keyzer at keyzerfaq@hotmail.com

Australia - Head Researcher Brendan is happy to be contacted directly through this forum. His username is Schwoods.

Austria - Please contact Head Researcher Wolfgang. His contact details are: footballmanageraustria@gmail.com and his Skype: fmaustria

Belarus - Local forum for Belarus (also for Ukraine, Russia, Ex-USSR): http://fmfan.ru/board/.

Bulgaria - Head Researcher Hristo is using fmbulgaria2@gmail.com for further feedback and requests to further help.

Brazil - if you are interested in helping with research please go to the Brazilian research forum at https://www.fmanager.com.br/forum/43-pesquisa-oficial/

Chile - We are happy to recruit new Assistants, you can contact us at info@footballmanagerchile.com or on our twitter account: @fm_chile

Cyprus - Head Researcher Andreas can be contacted in the fmgreece.gr forums. His username there is BigMic. 

Czech Republic - You can directly contact us through czech_asstresearch@yahoo.co.uk. We are looking for assistants for both Czech divisions.

England - see second post in this thread. Gripper (aka Dean Gripton) is the Head Researcher responsible for recruitment.

Finland - New AR candidates for Finland can report to e-mail address fm.research.fin@gmail.com. The list of available teams can be viewed at http://futisforum2.org/index.php?topic=219479.0

France - Here's the contact mail for applications: recherchefm.fr@gmail.com 

Here the full list of clubs, we are looking for at the moment (November 2018): Ligue 1 Conforama: OGC Nice; Domino's Ligue 2: A.S Béziers, AC Ajaccio, GFC Ajaccio, La Berrichonne de Châteauroux, Paris FC, Valenciennes FC;  French National 1: US Avranches, US Boulogne CO, Bourg en Bresse 01, Quevilly-Rouen, Stade Lavallois, Sannois SG, Pau FC, FC Chambly-Oise, JA Drancy; French National 2 and under: NON AVAILABLE: Bretagne / Pays de la Loire.We are always looking to enhance those levels, please contact us if you have free time and experience with the game and editor.

Germany - The German research team have a General Research Forum at http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php?board=25.0. Head Researcher Kox (levels 1-3) can be emailed at deutscherresearch@gmail.com. Level 4 HR Octavianus can be contacted at research@meistertrainerforum.de

GreeceGreek Research Team Forum: http://www.fmgreece.gr/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=114There are sub-forums about the 4 top Greek clubs, topics for every club of active leagues, and topics for every group/division of lower leagues!
- Information about Greek Research team and ways to get involved: http://www.fmgreece.gr/greek-research-team/

Holland - Head researcher Jeroen is
happy for anyone to contact him via fmnederland@gmail.com or twitter FM_Nederland

HungaryGet in touch with the Head Researcher Gergelyemgergo (SI Forums, feel free to PM!) or @emgergo (Twitter) or marosigergely@hotmail.com (e-mail). Join the local FM community and get involved: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fmkockak/

Indonesia - Please contact Head Researcher Gatot at gattero@gmail.com 

Italy - The research team can be contacted as follows: Email: ricercafm@panoz.it; Website: http://www.panoz.it/fmitalia/Ricerca.asp; Facebook at facebook.com/panoz.fmitalia or facebook.com/ricerca.fmitalia; Twitter at @fmitalia

Montenegro - research is managed through the community at https://serbian-fm.net/. If you are interested in helping, please visit that site.

Norway - Head Researcher Lars holds all the information regarding research vacancies in an automatically updated URL via googlesheets at http://fmresearchnorge.netlify.com/

Paraguay - Head Researcher Omar welcomes email applications at fmparaguay@gmail.com. Twitter: @py_futboldata and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Futbol-Paraguay-271168193466807

Peru - Information about Peruvian second division clubs and Copa Peru clubs is welcome.  Head Researcher Giancarlo has a forum section on fmsite.net, in the Researchers area and they can also contact him on his Twitter account, Giancarlo_S.

Poland - Anyone interested in joining research can email pl.fm.research@gmail.com

Portugal - Get in touch with the Portuguese research team, through the Contact tab at www.fmportugal.net or through the e-mail address fmresearchpt@gmail.com

Romania - The Head Researcher is Gavrila. His email: gavrila.ovidiu@yahoo.com. The Romania FM forum is at: http://www.fmro.ro/forums/

Russia - Local forum for Russia (also for Ukraine, Belarus, Ex-USSR): http://fmfan.ru/board/. You can also email Head Researcher Sergey at fm_research@bk.ru

San Marino - Head Researcher Matteo can be contacted as follows: Email: matteo.zanini@alice.it; Website: www.panoz.it ; Facebook at facebook.com/famsanmarino; Twitter at @fmsanmarino

Scotland - Head Researcher Stuart can be contacted as follows: Email: officialfmscotland@gmail.com 

Serbia - Research is managed through the community at https://serbian-fm.net/. If you are interested in helping, please visit that site.

Slovakia - Head Researcher Peter can be contacted on email at fmslovakia@gmail.com or via direct Messages at this forum (petokucho)

Slovenia - Please apply via the Head Researcher e-mail address, dukiss@gmail.com

South Africa - Please contact Head Researcher Rob via his twitter account at @FMSouthAfrica. If you do not use twitter, please email us directly (scouting[at]sigames.com) and we can pass your message to him.

South Korea - Here are the clubs which need AR’s in South Korea:
K League 1 - Jeju United, Gangwon, Seoul, Sangju, Jeonnam
K League 2 - Asan, Gwangju, Suwon FC, Bucheon, Ansan, Seoul E-Land, Anyang. Please email scouting at sigames dot com, and we will pass your details to the Head Researcher.

Spain - The research team have a thread at their research forum - https://www.fmsite.net/noticias/%C2%A1football-manager-te-necesita-buscamos-researchers-r654/

Sweden - Please apply via the Head Researcher, Per. His email address is per.antonsson@yahoo.se

Switzerland - If anyone wants to get involved they can contact the Research Team over at the meistertrainerforum.de in this specific thread: http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,14726.0.html. Joint Head Researcher Oli is on twitter at @aulit_z and can be emailed at oliver.zesiger@gmail.comPlease note that if you want to do research on a specific team, an applicant would have to at least speak one of Switzerland's national languages, German, French or Italian.

Turkey - The Turkish research team are currently evaluating their research team from the FM2019 research. When they have done so they will provide us with a list of available clubs, if any. In the meantime, please email us (scouting[at]sigames.com) and we will pass your message to them.

Ukraine - Local forum for Ukraine (also for Russia, Belarus, Ex-USSR): http://fmfan.ru/board/.

UruguayWe're looking for people who can provide consistent coverage and review of any First or Second Pro. Division team, specially on youngsters. Also, people who can provide information for Second B National or OFI teams, are also welcomed. Contact Head Researcher Kaniko as follows:
(Spanish forum: https://www.fmsite.net/forums/forum/133-researcher-uruguayo/
Twitter: @FM_URU
email: uruguay.fm@gmail.com

USA - Head Researcher Al is specifically looking for help for USL teams (USL Championship and USL League One).  MLS has some more specific openings – Chicago, NYCFC, NYRB, Philadelphia, Houston. Contact us via the scouting at sigames dot com email address, and we will forward your application to Al.

Wales - New Head Researcher Matt (aka Colorado) welcomes interest in helping. His twitter handle is @1matthewburgess


Africa - Head Researcher Blue Lou is contactable via this link  https://community.sigames.com/messenger/compose/?to=638

Asian nations (playable leagues out of the box for FM2019 - eg China, Malaysia, Hong Kong):
Contact details:
website: www.hkfm.org/research
Email: fm_research_asia@hotmail.com

"Welcome to anyone who can take over research in different Asian nations to try and have a challenge to assist the research work"

Asian nations (non-playable leagues out of the box for FM2019):
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan - Head Researcher avto can be contacted on email: avtandil83@gmail.com
Other Asian nations - please email scouting at sigames dot com.

Caribbean nations - Head Researcher Tom would welcome extra assistants for Haiti, Barbados, French Antilles, Dutch Antilles, Puerto Rico and Cuba in particular. Please email us (scouting[at]sigames.com) and we will pass your message to him.

European nations (non-playable leagues out of the box for FM2019):
Bosnia-Herzegovina - please post at FMBOSNIA.NET community or directly to Head Researcher Ajdin at  ajdin-mahmutovic@hotmail.com
Cyprus - fmgreece.gr also hosts a subforum for Cypriot research: http://www.fmgreece.gr/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=128
Estonia; FYR of Macedonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Malta - Head Researcher Milos is willing to talk to anyone who offers help. His email address is baulkarea@gmail.com
Former-USSR nations - Local forum for ex-USSR nations (also for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine): http://fmfan.ru/board/.

If the club you wish to research is not in a country listed above, please email us directly (scouting[at]sigames.com) and we can pass your message to the correct Head Researcher.



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This post represents the detail of how to apply to become a researcher for any club in the English league pyramid. The English vacancy list follows in the third post in this thread, below.

Sports Interactive are looking out for experienced FM gamers to become the assigned researcher for the following English teams for future Football Manager games and data updates.

Please read through this post in full to learn about the current vacancies, the requirements of the roles and the tasks that are to be undertaken, before applying. To apply, send an Email to scouting at sigames dot com if you are interested, and I will send you further details.

You need to do more than simply post "Can I be the <your club> researcher?" in this thread. If you wish to be a researcher, you must apply properly. To apply, please contact me via that email, explaining what you can bring to the role. Sell yourself, tell us why we should consider you to be the best person we can find.

But what does the research involve?


Applicants will have both a huge passion for and extensive knowledge of their club. In fact, you ought to be obsessive about the level of detail that FM can hold for your club in our database, both for the playing and non-playing staff and for the club information such as kits, finances and records. We would expect you to be a season ticket holder (or regular matchgoer) for your club. You are that person who goes to your Carabao Cup First Round tie as well as your club's biggest games. You devour every snippet of information about your club.

We do need that person to follow (or watch, if possible) the reserves/development squad and the youth team so that we can accurately simulate those squads' abilities in our game too. We would prefer the researcher to be a local to the club, to be best positioned to attend as many games as possible.

It is also a basic requirement that we would demand that the researcher be an avid FM gamer who understands how the game and the data work.

We would also expect you to understand the inadequacies of your playing and non-playing staff and be sensible about their level of skill. We are NOT looking for someone who will want to use this opportunity to wilfully increase the abilities of his club's players.

Appointed researchers must have a basic level of computer skills. They must be capable of downloading zipped files from an ftp internet site and of using those zipped files once saved locally, using editors that we will provide for you. Also, the appointed researcher must be prepared to contribute to the official SI Data Issues forum here as well as be an active member of the SI Researcher Network researcher-only forum (SIREN). With the growth of these Forum communities, this is an essential factor.

We would prefer a researcher to be the type who will keep the flow of information coming rather than disappear off our radar for weeks or months.

The role is also about keeping us up to date of all transfers at the club, as well as being sensible about the financial position. If you want to give your team an unrealistic transfer or wage budget in the game, then please do not apply. If you are interested in your club's financial situation in real life and how that is represented in FM, then please do apply!

In fact, if it is in the database for your club, we want your help to keep it updated! We would expect you to consider yourself THE authority on your club, rather than being a passive observer of them.


The task involves giving fair and as-accurate-as-possible ratings to every aspect of each player’s game, including reserves and youth players, as well as identifying the qualities of the non-playing staff such as managers and coaches.

The work involves a thrice-yearly thorough working through of the staff and club data files, using a provided editing package that is simple to use. For the usual winter Data Update, at the end of the season and at the start of the next season, we would expect the researcher to assess the data for his club in this manner.

During the rest of the year, we need to be kept up to date with transfers and contract news, as well as info on the club debts/finances, so that every bit of Information that FM uses about your club is as accurate as it can be at all times. It Is the task of the researcher to provide the info, and to be up to date with the news from the club.

So, it will be the appointed researcher's call as to how your manager's designated formations, or your first-team goalkeeper's decisions attribute read for any future Football Manager games or official data updates.

In the last year we have successfully appointed new researchers for many clubs, including a large number of those from appeals to these forums. Indeed, several appointed researchers have been after they were identified as being a suitable candidate based on their postings in this and other SI forums. (That includes Head Researcher level and Assistant-Head Researcher level as well as at a club-specific level).

Those who are active researchers get a lot more out of the role than those who simply submit files when requested, so please bear that in mind.

We do not pay club researchers, unfortunately, though we do provide a free advanced copy of any Football Manager PC game that you have worked towards. All researchers are included in the credits for any game that they have worked towards. We have heard from several current and past researchers that having a voluntary role as a researcher for Football Manager is a great addendum to their CV, and has helped their applications for employment or for study to stand out to prospective employers.

Your reward is knowing that you have helped contribute to the FM series and that your team's data is as accurate as you would like it to be yourself.

Please email or PM me if you are willing to apply for an English research vacancy (list below). Your help would be much appreciated. My email is dean(at)sigames.com


Abuse of current researchers will result in infractions and possible bans from the entire forum. Thank you.

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Vacancies currently exist for the following English clubs (National League Premier and above):

Braintree Town, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Ebbsfleet United, FC Halifax Town, Fleetwood Town, Hartlepool United, Havant & Waterlooville, Maidenhead United, Millwall, Notts County, Oxford United, Salford City, Stevenage, Swindon Town, West Bromwich Albion.
Please email Dean (scouting at sigames dot com) to apply for any of those vacancies. (last amend 08/05/2019)


NATIONAL LEAGUE NORTH: (Click to go to the NLN Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.)
Vacancies (Jan 2019): Alfreton Town, Altrincham, Ashton United, Brackley Town, Bradford Park Avenue, Chorley, Darlington, FC United Of Manchester, Leamington, Southport, Stockport County, York City.

NATIONAL LEAGUE SOUTH: (Click to go to the NLS Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.)
Vacancies (Jan 2019): Billericay Town, Concord Rangers, Dartford, Eastbourne Borough, Hampton & Richmond Borough, Hemel Hempstead Town, Hungerford Town, Oxford City, St Albans City, Torquay United, Truro City, Weston-super-Mare.

To apply for any of those National League posts, please email scouting at sigames dot com.


ISTHMIAN PREMIER LEAGUE: (Click to go to the Isthmian (Ryman) Premier and Div One] (Official) Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.)
Vacancies: AFC Hornchurch, Bishop's Stortford, Brightlingsea Regent, Carshalton Athletic, Corinthian-Casuals, Dorking Wanderers, Haringey Borough, Harlow Town, Kingstonian, Leatherhead, Lewes, Margate, Merstham, Potters Bar Town, Tonbridge Angels, Whitehawk, Wingate & Finchley

Vacancies: AFC Sudbury, Aveley, Barking, Basildon United, Bowers & Pitsea, Brentwood Town, Bury Town, Coggeshall Town, Dereham Town, Felixstowe & Walton United, Grays Athletic, Great Wakering Rovers, Heybridge Swifts, Maldon & Tiptree, Mildenhall Town, Romford, Soham Town Rangers, Tilbury, Witham Town

Vacancies: Ashford Town (Middx), Bedfont Sports, Bracknell Town, Chalfont St Peter, Cheshunt, Chipstead, Egham Town, FC Romania, Hanwell Town, Hayes & Yeading United, Hertford Town, Marlow, Molesey, Northwood, South Park, Tooting & Mitcham United, Uxbridge, Waltham Abbey, Ware, Westfield

Vacancies: Ashford United, Cray Wanderers, East Grinstead Town, Faversham Town, Greenwich Borough, Hastings United, Haywards Heath Town, Herne Bay, Horsham, Hythe Town, Phoenix Sports, Ramsgate, Sevenoaks Town, Sittingbourne, Thamesmead Town, Three Bridges, VCD Athletic, Whitstable Town, Whyteleafe

Please apply to Dean (scouting at sigames dot com) who will pass your query on to the Head Researcher for the Isthmian League.


NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION: (Click to go to the Northern Premier (Evostik) League Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.)
Vacancies: Bamber Bridge, Basford United, Buxton, Farsley Celtic, Gainsborough Trinity, Hyde United, Lancaster City, Matlock Town, Mickleover Sports, Nantwich Town, Scarborough Athletic, South Shields, Warrington Town, Whitby Town, Witton Albion, Workington

Vacancies: Atherton Collieries, Chasetown, Clitheroe, Colne, Droylsden, Glossop North End, Kendal Town, Kidsgrove Athletic, Leek Town, Market Drayton Town, Mossley, Newcastle Town, Prescot Cables, Ramsbottom United, Runcorn Linnets, Skelmersdale United, Trafford, Widnes

Vacancies: AFC Mansfield, Belper Town, Brighouse Town, Carlton Town, Cleethorpes Town, Frickley Athletic, Gresley, Lincoln United, Marske United, Morpeth Town, Ossett United, Pickering Town, Pontefract Collieries, Sheffield, Spalding United, Stamford, Stocksbridge Park Steels, Tadcaster Albion, Wisbech Town

Please PM the Head Researcher Patrick to see if your favoured team is available, or email Dean (scouting at sigames dot com) who will pass your query on.


SOUTHERN LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION CENTRAL: (Click to go to the Southern League Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.)Vacancies: Alvechurch, Banbury United, Bedworth United, Biggleswade Town, Halesowen Town, Hitchin Town, Kettering Town, Leiston, Needham Market, Redditch United, Royston Town, Rushall Olympic, St Ives Town, Stourbridge, Stratford Town, Tamworth

Vacancies: Basingstoke Town, Beaconsfield Town, Chesham United, Farnborough, Frome Town, Gosport Borough, Harrow Borough, Hartley Wintney, Hendon, King's Langley, Merthyr Town, Metropolitan Police, Poole Town, Staines Town, Swindon Supermarine, Taunton Town, Walton Casuals, Weymouth, Wimborne Town

Vacancies: AFC Dunstable, Aylesbury, Barton Rovers, Bedford Town, Berkhamsted, Bromsgrove Sporting, Cambridge City, Coleshill Town, Corby Town, Didcot Town, Dunstable Town, Kempston Rovers, Kidlington, North Leigh, Peterborough Sports, Sutton Coldfield Town, Thame United, Welwyn Garden City, Yaxley

Vacancies: AFC Totton, Barnstaple Town, Bideford, Blackfield & Langley, Cinderford Town, Cirencester Town, Evesham United, Fleet Town, Highworth Town, Larkhall Athletic, Mangotsfield United, Melksham Town, Moneyfields, Paulton Rovers, Slimbridge, Street, Thatcham Town, Winchester City, Yate Town

Please apply to Head Researcher wormbo if you are interested in helping with research at that level. Email scouting at sigames dot com, and we will pass your details to him.


Please email me (dean at sigames dot com) if you wish to become a researcher for a specific level nine division. We do not recruit researchers for individual clubs at this level, but will require individuals to provide info for all the clubs in the division as well as your own club.

Vacancies for those divisions are, as follows:

Combined Counties League Premier Division (Cherry Red Records Combined Counties League Premier Division)

Eastern Counties League Premier Division (Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties Football League Premier Division)

Hellenic Football League Premier Division (Uhlsport Hellenic League Premier Division)

North-West Counties Football League Premier Division

Southern Combination Football League Division One (formerly Sussex County Football League Division One)

Southern Counties East League Premier Division

Spartan South Midlands Football League Premier Division

United Counties Football League Premier Division (Chromasport United Counties League Premier Division)

Wessex League Premier Division (Sydenhams Wessex League Premier Division)

Western League Premier Division (Toolstation Western League Premier Division)

We currently have a researcher for the following level nine divisions:

Essex Senior Football League

Midland Football League Premier Division

Northern Counties East Football League Premier Division (Toolstation Northern Counties East League Premier Division)

Northern League Division One (Ebac Northern League Division One)

We would expect the researcher for each of these divisions to ensure that each division's clubs are correct, and the club files are correct (club info, kits, stadium), as well as providing some basic details about the best players at that level. We would not expect full squads for those levels, but that players currently in our database who should be at that level are amended, and that every club has a manager, chairman and any exceptional players set.

Edited by Gripper
updated list 8 May

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Hello @Gripper

I've dropped an email about the Stockport County vacancy. I've previously done that for a few years until life got in the way, but am happy to take this up again if the vacancy is still there.


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