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Summary: Bios for Calum McGregor and Tom Rogic

Description of Issue: I am currently the manager of Celtic and was reading the biographies of my players. The bios for both players do not reflect what is showing on their career stats. The bios for both show them having played less games and scored less goals too. 

Steps to Reproduce: Start a new game and go to Celtic and both players and you'll see from the number of games and goals scored in the careers section does not tally up with their bios. The career stats will be fine, it's just their bios need updating.

Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service:  See attached word doc below with the career stats and bio's for both players.

McGregor and Rogic.docx

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To add to Calum McGregor's bio problems, it also says his career spanned just 4 years, from 2009 to 2013. It appears to be taking his loan end date from Notts County, as the end of his career, when he's went on to play another four seasons with Celtic after said loan. (And is still playing)

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2 hours ago, Glenn Wakeford said:

Thanks, this is now under review :thup:

Hi Glenn,

Thanks, for your message.

I have seen a few bios that don't match the career stats for the players and have noticed that the players that I have checked have had loan spells at other clubs then returned to their parent club.

Rogic and McGregor are 2 at Celtic. Moanes Dabbur at Red Bull Salzburg is another (in his case it appears that it's the goals scored that are missing from his bio, I think the club appearances may be in line with his career stats). I don't have his screenshots just now but I could get them later and attach them.


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