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[FM19] The Great San Marino Challenge

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San Marino Challenge - Season 10

San Marino National overview

I decided to split this update into two, as the National Team update required a bit more detail than usual. The last national update spoke about how we exceeded expectations and managed to win our Nations League Division C group (hurrah!). This automatically put us in the mixer for the playoffs for the Euro 2028 if we couldn't qualify for the tournament conventionally...



Despite some good results, we couldn't (damn you, Kosovo!).

So we were thrown into the pot to attempt to qualify through the Nations League playoffs. We drew Bosnia & Herzegovina in the semi finals. We were ranked 125th in the world with them 57th. I wasn't hugely confident...


Giacomo Raschi, you little hero! He'd gotten a decent amount of playing time in Serie A and CL, which has aided his development, but he still played out of his skin. Things are pretty nice up front with him and Tomassini (4-4-2) now.

So, onto the Final. A win here would cement this squad in history as the first to get San Marino into a first international tournament. So who would we get...

Wales. Ranked 39th in the world. Again, I didn't fancy our chances...


Wow. We absolutely battered them, which meant San Marino were going to Euro 2028!!! Could we put up a good enough fight to perhaps upset the odds once again to make the knockout rounds?!


No. Quite simply, no. We got trounced. Goldenboy Tomassini got sent off in the opener as we lost 4-0 to Turkey, before a 2-0 defeat to Romania dumped us out after only two games. The third game was against Germany where we lost 3-1. Tomassini did however manage to get a goal (taking his national tally to 51 goals in 79 appearances).

We did really well just to be there, so losing all games wasn't too much of a surprise. It was fun and hopefully we can get to a World Cup next time!

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11 hours ago, kahuna399 said:

Can anyone explain how ye all do such nice layouts here ? i put my pics in and then just listed down in a line :( as you can guess, im pretty new at the forum world haha

Hi kahuna399. I just select everything and centre it. Good luck with the challenge!

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On 21/06/2019 at 20:58, kahuna399 said:

Anyone looking to start a save on this, I had to fix the system to start the other day.

Note that the u18s and 20s have been entered into the league systems in this database and for 1 more added thing i added the San Marino Academy as a feeder club

italy fix.fmf 38.74 kB · 5 downloads

Thanks for that going to give this a go now

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I won the Serie D play off but didn't get promoted any ideas?

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San Marino Calcio 2019/20 Season Update

As I mentioned when I kicked off this challenge, I was playing CM03/04 and only recently started FM - so the tactics particularly have been a learning curve.  Steam tells me I've played 371 hours (the wife says more!) - and after all that time I've finally got a promotion!  We were top for ages - but not playing that well.  We had a little nervous time when it was possible to earn a playoff spot - and dropped to 2nd.  With 4 games to go, we had a team meeting and then managed to win the last 4 - overtaking Modena to win the title.  No playoffs needed thankfully!  The club now turns pro and I need to set about finding a striker and a couple of wide players particularly.





Youth Intake


Not quite the immediate quality as last year, in that no one came straight into the team - but 3 or 4 with potential.

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San Giovanni 219/20 Season Update

After winning the playoffs last year to lift the title, we finished 3rd in Group 1, up from 6th last year, but in the playoffs we got knocked out in the semi-final.  We lost the first leg 1-0 away, and I was confident we could overturn that at home - but we went down to 10 men in the first half (a second yellow) and struggled after that.  Fortunately, we won the third place playoff game 2-0 with a solid performance.  There was good news after the season though - the board asked me if I thought turning semi-pro was a good idea, to which I said "YES!!" and we will be a semi-pro outfit at the end of June 2020.  That's far ahead of where I thought I would be after 2 years as I inherited a woeful squad.





Youth Intake



Another promising intake - highlighted by a central midfielder who can help next season.  Unfortunately, we are pretty strong in this area, so he might have to start from the bench and rotate in now and again.

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5 Year Review (2018-23)


2018-19: 1st (Serie D)

2019-20: 7th (Serie C/B)

2020-21: 8th (Serie C/B)

2021-22: 1st (Serie C/B)

2022-23: 8th (Serie B- Promoted via playoff)

Hey all. Just going to do a dump of a bunch of stuff from my first 5 years of the San Marino challenge. I’m new to SI forums but have been working on this challenge for several months. Going forward, I’ll give end of seasons reviews for Calcio and year end reviews for the SMNT.

Notable Events

The first five years of this challenge have been a resounding success, with titles in Serie D and Serie C/B and the most unlikely of promotions from Serie B. Ordinarily, this would give me concern that I got too much, too soon. However, the second biggest development of the save has alleviated this concern somewhat: the acquisition of San Marino Calcio by an American tycoon. This investment came too late to influence my rise up the divisions (it was completed after the winter window of my promotion campaign from Serie B), but the money was swiftly invested into facilities, youth recruitment, youth coaching, and scouting. These investments should yield benefits in the long-term for building up the San Marino NT, as well.

Serie D (2018-19)




Serie C (2019-20)




Serie C (2020-21)




Serie C (2021-22)




Serie B (2022-23)



Tycoon Takeover


Key Players
Franco Israel (GK)- 127 appearances. Has over 40 clean sheets. Bought on a free from Juve and sold for $500k with a loan back to Palermo. Will likely try to loan him again for next season.

Gabriel Zappa (RB)- 121 appearances. Has 5 goals and a whopping 33 assists in his San Marino career. Joined on a free from Inter in 2019, now valued at $180k.

Choe Song Hyok (AML, AMR)- 94 appearances. He has been with us for three seasons, scoring 36 and assisting 24. Got him on a free from Arezzo and is now valued at $300k.

Giuseppe Aurelio (ST)- 144 appearances. He has 57 career goals and has been with us on loan every season except 2019-20. He played a massive role in seeing us rise through the divisions and we may finally bring him in permanently, since his contract is expiring.

San Marino Watch (* indicates Serie B potential, ** indicates Serie A potential)

Federico Conti* (19 y/o ST, 22 caps, 2 goals)- Good player who played a role in Serie B, scoring 7 in 23 appearances. Just a bit short of the standard required for Serie A, but will try to get him regular playing time via loan or transfer.


Francesco Gualandi** (18 y/o ST, 8 caps, 2 goals)- The youngest all-time goal scorer for the San Marino NT, Gualandi looks like he will spearhead the attack for the foreseeable future. I am guessing that he will be the man to break Selva’s all-time record of 8 goals. He spent last season on loan in the Serie C. I had intended to make him a part of the first team set-up on his return, but the unexpected promotion may mean another loan.




Gabriele Albani** (17 y/o CM, 9 caps, 0 goals)- Another player who is probably a year away, I am most excited about this guy’s ceiling. He has good technical, mental and physical attributes for a CM, and he has dramatically improved on a monthly basis. I think he is really going to run the show for club and country in the next few years, and I am expecting him to be among the better CMs in Serie A.




Daniele Bacciocchi* (20 y/o CD, 26 caps, 0 goals)- Has not played at senior club level since a pair of starts in the Serie D days. Injury proneness has inhibited him a bit. If he can stay healthy, he could play a significant role with the national team for another decade plus. However, he will likely be moved on at some point, as it is unlikely he will ever feature for Calcio. The matches would also be important for jump-starting his development.




Alberto Righi** (19 y/o CD, 14 caps, 0 goals)- Definitely the most accomplished Sammarinese player at club level for me, Righi is a first choice CB. He has 48 appearances over three years, including a high of 22 matches played last year. The jump up to Serie A will necessitate the acquisition of one or two CBs, but the worst case is that he will get 20+matches through rotation.


Marco Vagnetti** (16 y/o CD, 0 caps, 0 goals)- Another high potential CB from the Calcio academy, Vagnetti has yet to even appear for the Sammarinese youth teams. However, he is considered to have very high potential, with particularly strong mental attributes for such a young player. Unfortunately, he does have the dreaded dual nationality, and with him receiving interest from Roma, Udinese, Lazio and Atalanta, I assume he will wait before committing to a national team. If he does choose San Marino, I am guessing that he would usurp Bacciocchi’s place in the XI in short order.


Everyone but Gualandi is a dual Italian national, and they all chose to represent San Marino (Vagnetti has not been confronted with the choice yet). I think I am a bit fortunate, as I suspect that Righi and Albani have potential that is JUST low enough that they will be really, really good for San Marino, but will not hold out for Italy. I am not sure I will be so lucky with Vagnetti, given the caliber of clubs interested in him.


I also think the relative quality of Righi, Albani, and Gualandi will probably lead to at least one of them reaching a century of caps. However, one of the stranger recurrences in the NT is the repeated call-up of Bacciocchi instead of Righi, despite the fact that Righi has always been the better player.

Club Finances


The Diawara transfer to Real Madrid, which brought in nearly $1M in a compensation payment, made the finances look healthier than they actually were. We lost money year over year, despite operating well within the financial parameters set forth by the board. Just before the takeover, the club’s financial situation was poor. We were $1.5M in the red, and I figured the summer of 2023 would require a thinning of the squad and a reset of the wage structure. This would probably have kept me in the Serie B for at least 2 more seasons. Additionally, I would have probably been forced into the sale of youngsters, especially Righi. Fortunately, I got the dual boosts of promotion and a tycoon takeover, which really eased the financial issues at the club.

Overall, I would say that the financial management under my stewardship has been fair. The club faced some debt issues, but this occurred despite me keeping wages significantly below budget. However, my recruitment approach was more costly than necessary, as I often wasted wages by bringing in too many players and also failed to bring in players that could later be sold for profit. Now that I am in the Serie A, I think I will actually be able to wheel and deal a bit and generate profits.

Five-Year Objectives/Future Plans


-Challenge for European spots.

-Take over national team and improve NT ranking to top 150.

-Win a trophy.

-Run a net transfer spending surplus by year 4.


The windfall from the takeover and my unlikely promotion to Serie A means I will be investing heavily in the coming years in facility upgrades and youth development. The board has also agreed to end restrictions on scouting range, so I will probably be looking overseas for players to bring in cheaply. 

Transfer Plans


I don’t have any firm rules around transfers, but I will conduct business with two goals in mind: not stymying the growth of Sammarinese players and being able to turn a profit. As such, I will definitely look overseas for potential signings, especially in Africa and South America.



San Marino National Team


The senior national team trended ever so slightly upward through 2023, with wins over Belarus, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Moldova, as well as a slew of draws, most notably against Scotland. I will be taking them over next year. On the positive side, the Conti-Gualandi strike force should be very effective, while CM Albani and CB pair of Righi and (hopefully) Vagnetti would build a strong spine in the NT for a decade.



At youth level, things were slightly better. The U21s averaged over 3 wins and 2 draws per year, although they didn’t advance in any tournaments. Meanwhile, the U19s advanced out of the first qualifying round of the U19 Euros on two occasions, but finished bottom of the second round group both times.








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Double posted some images

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