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[FM19] The Great San Marino Challenge

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29th September 2023


Not gonna lie; my proudest moment as San Marino manager. 2-0 down at home, and then Daniel Arzani just went crazy; 1 goal, 3 assists.

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Posted (edited)

National Team Update 2034

UEFA Nations League B Group 1

20190425150935_1.thumb.jpg.62938ed6bae6dea0316d594ada6e75c0.jpg    20190425150931_1.thumb.jpg.d173742567a069553fbf8a8ce6df9797.jpg

Being in Division B, I knew we was in for a tough test, being paired with Austria(19th) and Greece(37th) meant we was heavy favourites for relegation. We managed to defy the odds and stay up, finishing in 2nd place. Getting a point of Austria, and a win against Greece were big results, as were the 4 friendlies played this year, all against sides in the FIFA top 50. 

EURO 2036 Qualifiers


Now maybe I am being delusional here, but I think this is our best ever chance of finishing in 2nd and maybe sneaking a play off place. Spain should be way too strong for the whole group, however the other 3 sides, we can beat. Im looking forward to getting these games underway. 



Getting better each year, but we still lack players in a few areas. We are desperate for a striker, Valentini 19a is still the best we have. I am trying to convince a dual nationality striker to turn his back on Italy and play for us. He straight up refused at first, but is now having chats with me everytime I ask, so I am hopeful he will give in soon. We also need centre backs and a left winger. Minus that, we have the core of a pretty good team. 

Nation Overview


We are ranked 75th in the world, which is a big improvement from the start of the game, but in all honesty, I feel we are alot better than that. We have only climbed 3 places in 12 months and thats slow progress considering the wins against sides in the top 50. 


20190425152720_1.thumb.jpg.063ab372cc5af84d0f61fab0d65f8424.jpg    20190425152726_1.thumb.jpg.3b5c16942e17d92ef140b41f2306471c.jpg    20190425152731_1.thumb.jpg.e66e5fd05a014b961e3eeed05941d85f.jpg

A disappointing year to be honest, I thought we could push for 2nd maybe, but ended up in 4th. 


20190425152950_1.thumb.jpg.b18e7dc4b07de646193fd72146b870e1.jpg     20190425153235_1.thumb.jpg.b8e7e1d3c47ffded5c0bee15cac63bb7.jpg    20190425153303_1.thumb.jpg.d8da39a692312c8c1249be10e12e7d25.jpg    20190425153308_1.thumb.jpg.0bac4ed70a1f12ddd9feb65bc805b853.jpg

A much better performance here though, managing to steal 2nd place and with it, qualify for the 2nd QR. Thats where our campaign ends though, as Germany and Italy will more than likely spank us. I am going to prioritise the U19s over the U21s for this campaign though, just to see if we can sneak into the finals.

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Youth Intake Day 2035


  20190426090810_1.thumb.jpg.f6e53ff605dcab3ecdd8396dbd9b3653.jpg   20190426090813_1.thumb.jpg.b503f9c43101b180bd62ccbf5581c483.jpg   20190426090817_1.thumb.jpg.87f15dbe7df5e937749215ac8e198804.jpg    20190426090820_1.thumb.jpg.a3280603108f1187ff505a883f1235fb.jpg20190426090827_1.thumb.jpg.5f05bf1dfaa970b394178da9bacdf979.jpg

I am delighted with this years intake, not only do we have 3 really good players, but the fact that all are San Marino eligible. ST Tamagnini 35a is the pick of the bunch, apparently he is a generational talent, but we will see about that. He does look ridiculously talented already though, shame he is dual nationality and will most likely never play for our national side. Next in line is CB Buscarini 35b, this is a really important one for us, as we are lacking CB's for the national side, and we have a potentially really good one here, no dual nationality either so happy days. Third pick is GK Simoncini 35c, another lad who could be a good player, dual nationality but I dont think he will be ousting Ceravolo 25c as Italy's number 1 anytime soon. The other 2 lads shown are both LW's Vagnini 35d and Mularoni 35e. This is a position the national team is lacking in, and although they wont ever be stars, im hoping I can develop one enough to at least make us a bit more stronger depth wise. 

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Season Review 2034/35


20190426224626_1.thumb.jpg.ef3b602cccf568d2baf11f2d281d72c5.jpg    20190426224654_1.thumb.jpg.9117f3b3d24ebc06008c1feab4d762df.jpg

Another steady but unspectacular season. With our youth only policy now into its 4th season, I was happy we managed to finish in 2nd place. As long as we can continue finishing in the top four, our job is safe, and we can continue developing youngsters. In the Champions League we were unlucky to lose to Man United on the away goals rule. The best news this season is we finally won the Italian Cup. Its only taken us 17 Seasons. We also wont the UEFA Super Cup and Italian Super Cup. We also sealed a first ever U20s Division 1 title. You will see from the above shot, Atlanta have been the dominant side at this level, so beating them in the final was a great achievement and shows our focus on youth is really starting to work.


20190429092836_1.thumb.jpg.742960cbf57d3bc7d42f1aa5d2d5b947.jpg    20190429093154_1.thumb.jpg.6f3f1a43e13a590913f75a9797a36e4a.jpg    20190429093150_1.thumb.jpg.46dbaa9bc853ab244a5bb9df9ca483ca.jpg

Above is the Senior and U20s squads at the club. A few players filter between both, particularly the youngsters who dont play for the senior squad often just yet. But we had 17 HG players play games for the first team last season, and that should rise again this year due to the promise shown by the U20s side in winning the league. Going through the two squads, I am almost at the point where I could sell everyone who didnt come through our academy, and maybe fight for a Europa League place, but then I would maybe get sacked and it will be challenge over. 

Next Season.

Same again really, just need to keep getting more national side eligible players into the first team. 


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Finally got round to starting this, and have finished the first season now. 

Season 1 Review - 2018/2019

I decided to take over the national team as well as the club team from day one, in the hope that I can get the tactics similar at this early stage. This could help the youngsters coming through, not only at my club side but the local San Marino teams too. Firstly, our start with the club side of things:

San Marino Calcio

I decided to try and keep it as homegrown as possible and place a few rules on the players that I can sign. I would only sign when I absolutely had to, (in terms of long term injuries or players being sold), or I could sign San Marino nationality players that need game time. I was hoping that this would force me to play the youngsters as soon as possible and that this would aid their development. This meant that I only ended up signing 2 players this season, both coming in the second half of the season, and both because of long term injuries. (Although I think the AI had signed some players before I took over). 


I thought it was a decent season to be fair, we only lost 5 games, a record beaten by only the champions of the league, although 14 draws need to be bettered next year. Our defence was great but we just couldn't put the ball in the back of the net. This is highlighted by the fact that our top 2 scorers was a midfielder (Gasperi with 10) and a winger (Gasperoni with 8). As our self imposed transfer ban, I'm hoping that our strikers find form next season. We didn't lose a game in the whole of 2019, only conceding 6 goals in this time aswell. This equates to 17 games, although 6 were 0-0 draws. If we can carry this on, I don't see why we can't get promoted next season. 

I forgot to get a screenshot of the Youth Candidates when they became available but I did tag 5 of the players (only 1 or 2 will be good enough for our club, but the others are likely to do something at National Team level) Annoyingly, our best youth product was Italian only nationality so did not get a tag. I won't not use him because of this but he will be below others in the pecking order that are SM nationality. 



I think Baldacci's determination could see him become a regular starter for the National team, but all in all I'm happy for the variety as the other 4 will cover all of defence and midfield which means I shouldn't struggle for good players in positions for the National team. Towards the end of the season, I gave Baldacci and Casadei some game time off the bench, and some starts for the former. This resulted in Baldacci getting his first goal for the club on the last game of the season to secure 4th place with the winner in a 3-2 win. I will try and get some more game time next season for these 2 especially. 



Our best X1 mirrored nearly exactly our strongest eleven apart from Grandoni at LB (he was used as a sub) and Marconi should have taken his place (7.08 rating apposed to 6.97). Our 2nd top scorer in Gasperoni didn't make it, but I rotated the 2 winger spots between 3/4 players as they all performed well so that's not too surprising. There was even a spot on the bench for youth recruit Gabriele Baldacci 19a. ( 1 goal in 8 games 6.8 rating)

Next season, I see no reason why we can't challenge the top spots more and maybe sneak into the playoffs, especially if our defence remains tight. The board just want top half again, which I am happy with. It's great to have low expectations, means less chance of getting sacked suddenly. 


Sorry for the long post, I will put the NT in it's own separate post. 


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National Team Season 1 - 2018/2019

I never expected anything in the first year but I do think I managed to exceed expectations in the National Team. 


I think we done very well in the Nations League, finishing 3rd with 5 points. Could have beaten Moldova aswell but they equalised in the 95th minute. We were also very unlucky against Malta with a 94th minute equaliser going against us. Berardi is my current top scorer, with 3 goals for me, which is the only 3 goals he has scored for San Marino. He is rated as our best player and only 22, so even though he is on the wing, I hope he can overtake the great Selva soon. We have been pushed up to 196th in the world rankings and I hope strong showings in the Quals will increase this. I'm hoping for a 4th place finish, above Israel and Malta which is where I currently sit. It will be tough to get anything from Denmark and England, and I will have to hope to nick a point or two off Romania. I have already put Baldacci in my national team squad and will look to start bringing off the bench in my next set of fixtures. 

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Posted (edited)

I've been searching for a DB file that works with the latest update. @Hatton90 can you help me with a link ? :-) 

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Posted (edited)
35 minutes ago, Bubbles_DK said:

I've been searching for a DB file that works with the latest update. @Hatton90 can you help me with a link ? :-) 

I couldn't find one due to the league structure changes. I just used the 10.2 update instead. Not much difference apart from player transfers and they won't matter as those players won't be around once you get high enough

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Huge mega update. I've just moved house and have had awful internet issues.


1st January 2024

Crashed out of the cup at the first hurdle. Yet again another late late goal consigned us to defeat. Really need to find a way to increase the teams concentration; the amount of last minute goals we concede is ludicrous.




We’ve been very inconsistent this year, and it’s frustrating watch. We’ve thrown away so many points from winning positions, we could be points clear at the top. Maurizio Albani has picked up from where he left off last season, getting a goal every other game.

Stand-out players so far:

Maurizio Albani, ST, 23 apps, 10 goals, 4 assists, 81% pass success rate, 1 POM at 7.23

Kristian Riis, DCR, 12 apps, 1 assist, 89% tackle rate at 1.46 tackles per match, 82% pass success rate, 1 POM at 7.21

Samir, DCL, 23 apps, 1 goal, 89% tackle rate at 1.47 tackles per match, 87% pass success rate, 4 POM’s at 7.20

Enrico Reggini, MCL, 19 apps, 3 goals, 3 assists, 92% pass success rate averaging 108.13 passes per match, 89% tackle rate at 2.08 tackles per match at 7.18

Alban Lafont, GK, 25 apps, 11 clean sheets, 86% save percentage averaging 5.72 saves per match, 1 POM at 7.15


11th March 2024

Youth intake day, and we’ve been pretty lucky. Three good-to-excellent prospects; two Sammarinese and one dual-nationality.




I’ll be training Selva up as a Right Inside Forward and Michelotti as a Left Winger. That will help us with our wide attack. It means that in a few years time, we could have three midfielders, two wingers and a striker all at a strong level. With Valli hopefully joining them in developing as I hope, there’s only the rest of the defence to sort out really!! Exciting times ahead for the San Marino national team!! I just hope that Selva chooses San Marino over Italy…


26th April 2024

It’s a shootout between San Marino and Lazio for the Scudetto. Five games are left to play, and three points separate us. In our favour!! If we can at least match their results, we’ll win the league, which would be a huge triumph for us. We play them in the penultimate match of the season. I just hope that it doesn’t go that far… At the other end of the table, Inter have toiled all season. They should be safe from the drop, but are in 16th. I think that’s their highest placing so far this term. Maybe I’ll see if they’ve any players who want to abandon ship…!!


4th May 2024

THANK YOU FIORENTINA!! Last year, they couldn’t win for toffee, and this year they’ve only gone and beaten Lazio. That moves us 3 points clear, with a game in hand, with 9 points for them to play for. We’re so close…



5th May 2024

Thanks for nothing. The lads were probably already celebrating winning the league because, aside from Mason Mount, no-one showed up today. The first half was frankly ridiculous, and we should’ve been 5-0 down. We were that bad. But then leading 2-1 and throwing it away to lose 3-2 was poor.


19th May 2024 - 15.00

D-Day. San Marino vs Lazio, 1st vs 2nd. Us vs them. David vs Goliath. Lazio have to win to keep their dream alive. We just need a draw, not that we’ll play for it. We’ve had a really strong season at home, and I’m hoping for another win. With Lazio likely to attack, that may just play right into our hands with our counter-attacks. “Counter-attack at home” I hear you say. Well, it’s worked out excellently so far!!


19th May 2024 - 17.00





An own goal was our golden ticket to our maiden Scudetto, and I’m so proud of the team (and, yes, myself). It wasn’t the greatest match ever, but we don’t care!! Following our abject failure in the Italian Cup, this more than makes up for it.

Looking at next season, we only need to get a few players in. Our RB, Nicola Gaeta/Francesco Cassata, is the position that needs a boost most of all, but we also need a good back-up striker and a right winger. Other than that, I’ll be on the hunt for some good, cheap talents to bolster our youth ranks, and make some good money for the club for the future. We’re too far away from winning the Champions League, but we’ll go as far as we can. But, more importantly, we’ll be going for the Cup (didn’t I say the same thing last year?!). It’s being too elusive for my liking.


28th May 2024

This has been such a productive year. Not only in terms of winning Serie A, but our reputation and the progress that our players are making.




And looking at this table is so satisfying. Seeing us at the top of the pile, Juventus not even making the Champions League, and Inter and Roma both struggling to make mid-table seems like there’s a changing of the guard. And we’re at the front of it.




We only lost 3 league games between January and May, which was fantastic for us. One against Juventus, which I can’t complain about (even if they did finish 5th), and one against Cagliari after we’d wrapped up the league.


Stand-out players of the year:

Samir, DCL, 42 apps, 1 goal, 88% tackle rate with 1.58 tackles per match, 87% pass success rate, 5 POM’s at 7.19

Enrico Reggini,  MCR, 35 apps, 7 goals, 4 assists, 92% pass success rate with 100.36 passes per match on average, 87% tackle rate with 1.90 tackles per match, 2 POM’s at 7.19

Maurizio Albani, ST, 43 apps, 21 goals, 9 assists, 82% pass success rate, 3 POM’s at 7.16

Mason Mount, MCL, 26 apps, 10 goals, 3 assists, 89% pass success rate, 88% tackle rate with 1.76 tackles per match, 5 POM’s at 7.14

Alban Lafont, GK, 42 apps, 21 clean sheets, 87% save success with 5.60 saves per match, 1 POM at 7.12


15th June 2024

It’s happened; Maurizio Albani is now San Marino’s top scorer for the national side. He managed to score a brace in a friendly with Andorra, which now puts him on 12 goals for his country. At the age of 20. What a talent.



3rd October 2024

Luca Selva has been called up to the Italian U19 squad. I noticed about a week ago that his nationality had changed to Italian, should’ve known that would mean that he would represent them instead of San Marino. I hope that he turns out for the San Marino national team in the future, but it’s doubtful. Gutting, really. Thankfully, he’s the only high-potential dual nationality player that’s come through the academy.

It means that we’ve got 6 six players who could (and should) be in the San Marino national first XI. More than halfway to a semi-decent side is great progress when you take into account that it’s only been 6 years since the start of this challenge.



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First of all, I just want to say how good this thread has been as a reader - I've really enjoyed all the progress updates!  I'm a new FM player - I played CM a ton in my younger years and after re-loading CM03/04 a couple of years ago, I decided to become slightly more current (although still not close to being so according to my teenage daughter!) and buy FM19.

I loved managing small sides on CM03/04, so this challenge seems perfect for me.  I wouldn't say I'm a great FM player yet, to date I've had 4 okay seasons managing an amateur Danish 2nd division club (in at the deep end - had a couple of good players and lost them for nothing after 6 months as they were on amateur contracts!) and a little success with Barnet in the National League, the highlight being an FA Trophy win.  So, I might be biting off more than I can chew..., but I found myself drawn to this challenge!

I managed to get a custom database loaded last night (took me a while, but got there!) and went for club and international manager from the start.  I figure I can dovetail the two hopefully sooner rather than later to help develop younger players quicker - and try to get any dual nationality guys a cap before Italy come calling, although from reading that figures to be a challenge down the road.

I spent a couple of hours last night going through everything before even pressing "Continue" once, so only played a couple of weeks.  The San Marino Calcio squad looks fairly good.  The board want a playoff place and there's a decent base to build such a challenge.  I figure I need to find a striker and a couple of wide options though.  I've got 5 strikers in on trial, so I'll see who shines in the pre-season.  I'm thinking about my keeper - I have a young sammarinese national with good PA, but he's not there yet - not sure yet whether to roll with him, or get a loan signing in to help get us promoted.  Perhaps the latter, as good PA at Serie D isn't going to equate to national team impact at this stage of the challenge.

I've requested team reports from some bigger teams - not sure how many loan options Serie A teams will give me, likely more from B or C I would imagine, but I'll see.  I figure getting some big hitters in on loan will be an important factor in season 1.  I employed a Chief Scout who recommended a 4.5 CA central defender who's on an amateur contract, so will try to get him onboard tonight - nice to be on the other side of amateur contracts after my Denmark save!

One thing I did was to change the Head of Youth Development.  I've signed a sammarinese national with better stats, not sure if that will help the intake, likely it will just be luck.  The youth team right now is full of Italian nationals, so hopefully that first intake will have 1 or 2 who might have longer term San Marino national team potential.

I haven't spent much time on the national team yet.  I did love the super-low expectations though - finish bottom is my goal - now that's something I can do!!

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Posted (edited)

San Marino Challenge - Season 8 (Serie A) 25/26

Club overview

So after last seasons disappointment I really wanted a successful year... and I got it! We comprehensively won the league before humiliating Inter 7:0 in the final of the Italian Cup! I think it's safe to say we're probably the best team in the league now. 


Despite dominating Italy we weren't great in Europe. We had a tough group in the CL, finishing 3rd behind Chelsea and PSG, before getting a tricky tie against one of the stronger teams left in the EL, Marseille. We went out 3-1 on aggregate. Disappointing.

Oh, but we did get 4 points out of Roma. Our win came at home 6-1, which was enjoyable!

Finance, facilities and transfers

We're pretty bloody rich now. My captain (and also best midfielder) left for City for £55m, whilst wonderkid striker moved to the red half of Manchester for £49m just before the start of the season. We replaced them by spending £12m on their replacements. Not bad business.

Facilities are now top notch, except the youth facilities (which are currently in the middle of a final upgrade). The board are upgrading our capacity to 26,413, so we move to Cesena's stadium for most of next season.

Youth intake

The less said about this intake the better.

Next season

Although I quite enjoyed battering the league last year, I’d take top 4. Making the final of the Italian Cup would also be nice. A better run in Europe is needed.

National overview

Not bad. We finished second bottom on 7 points in our Euro Qualifying group, with some respectable results along the way. Stand out moment was hammering Moldova 5-0 in the final game. We're up to 149 in the world now.


Elia Tomassini now sits on 38 national team goals. That's double his club career!


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After spending ages trying to import Serie D, I have finally managed to get it to work. The only problem is the I then had to use the in-game editor to make myself the manager of the club and national sides. Excited to see how badly I do. Good pre-season with 3 wins and 2 draws one being 2-2 against Monaco reserves looks promising.

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Posted (edited)

I'm probably not going to get through a season that fast - work tends to get in the way, unfortunately - that and I take my time with games.  As such, here's an early season one update.

San Marino National Team

My first competitive action of the season was the National Team and the European League.  Away to Belarus, ranked 82nd in the world was the first test.  Lacking up front, I went with a TM(s) in Stefanelli.  I went with a pretty defensive set up - all four at the back on defend (mainly as no one looked like they could do anything but), a defensive midfielder in front of the back four and then a ball winning midfielder on defend in the midfield four.  Both wingers were inverted, ideally I'd play with one and the other a normal winger, but slim pickings forced my hand.  The remaining midfielder was on attack.

Despite 22 shots, the hosts only got 9 on target as my back line was pretty solid.  My plan was to counter, but I didn't feel we had enough movement up top, so replaced the target man with someone who I called up from the U21 squad - Nicola Nanni.  He's a dual nationality guy and I wanted to get him his first cap anyway.  And so it was on the break, he had a little more pace and on 59 minutes, his pass set up right IW(Att) Filippo Berardi to finish a counter attack worthy of Italy (almost!).  From there, it was backs to the wall at times - but we held on to secure a cracking win!


With another game 3 days later, and the boys having worked so hard in Belarus, it was a case of forced rotation for the home game against 172nd ranked Moldova.  The lack of depth worried me, and so I played with an Anchor Man - Luca Censoni - who is a DC or MC(def) - so a round peg in a square hole, but as he's normally a centre half, I hoped I would get away with it.  I replaced both wingers as they were below my 90% threshold.  I also gave Nanni a start up front.  This game was one way traffic - even more so than the Belarus game.  Without our keeper Benedettini, this game would have been over before half time.  As it was, we were fortunate to go in at the break at 0-0 - although the best chance fell to Nanni who put his shot straight at the keeper, when either side would have been a goal.

Some of the boys were tiring, so a couple of changes - but it was still 0-0.  With 6 minutes to go, I could have taken off any one of three players who were tired.  I elected to pull off the right winger, Vitaioli (winger-sup) and replace him with Belarus match goal hero Berardi, making him an inverted winger on attack, and changing the other inverted winger to support.  On 90 minutes, Berardi picked up the ball on half way, cut inside and drove at the Moldova defence.  A nice cross found left IW Tomassini in space from about eight yards, but at a narrow angle.  His shot was saved - but he got the rebound.  That shot was blocked, but the rebound came to Berardi, who got away a shot, but again it was saved.  The rebound came to him and at the fourth time of asking, he stroked the ball into the far corner to spring jubilant celebrations!  Fortunately, I remembered to hit pause before jumping out of the dugout (a.k.a. my chair) - quickly changing some duties to defend and ensuring we slowed the game down.  Despite late pressure and five long minutes of added time, we held on for a second 1-0 win!  So, that leaves us top after two games - and up 8 ranking spots - although staying there is another matter!  But a good start and I'm definitely into this save, that's for sure!



San Marino Calcio

A long but busy pre-season was completed.  The busiest personnel were my scouts, as they were sent to Serie A/B teams to get team reports as I searched for suitable loan players.  I also brought in a number of trailists, four of whom were signed (all on a non-contract basis as hot prospects, which helps with the wage bill).  I also signed five on loan, a keeper, centre half, attacking midfielder, right sided winger and a striker.


The Serie D cup was first up - and a pretty dull 0-0 game went straight to penalties.  Both teams scored all 5 - and a sixth - but it was our free agent pick up Mariani who had his penalty saved.  That was that - but no recriminations to anyone in terms of a penalty shootout.

Fortunately, my Serie D Group D debut was much, much better.  An away trip to Sasso Marconi saw us come away with a fine 4-1 win.  We opened the scoring on 23 minutes, a free kick from the left saw the initial header saved from CD Salcuni - but loan striker Djibril was on hand to smash home the rebound for the deserved lead.  A set piece also led to our second.  A corner was cleared - but Djibril picked up the loose ball outside the area, span and crossed the ball - for CM Tommaso Minocci (on loan from Fiorentina) to hit a stunning left foot volley past the keeper, who could only admire the shot as it flew past him.

Things looked even better after half time, Mariani made up for his penalty miss in the last game, by earning a penalty, which CM Gasperi finished perfectly for a 3-0 lead on 63 minutes.  4 minutes later though, we let them back into the game, this time it was us giving away the penalty which was converted for 3-1.  But, fear not, we controlled the game and it was another goal from Djibril to cap a man of the match performance on 81 minutes, peeling away at the far post to nod home a perfect cross.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the season!

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January Update - Season 1 - 2018/19

San Marino National Team

It was a case of down to earth with a bump after two wins in the first two games.  I was hopeful of at least a point against Luxembourg, but that hope evaporated very quickly as they took advantage of our weakness (left back and left midfield) to ping in two crosses in the first six minutes, both of which were converted for a 0-2 deficit.  We never recovered and they were comfortable winners, adding a third in the second half.  In the next game three days later, we did better - we took the lead on the road against Moldova through 17 year-old Mauro Bonini (who became San Marino's youngest ever goalscorer).  However, a debatable penalty changed the game and they scored twice just before half time to make my team talk a very different one.  They added a fourth before Filippo Berardi continued his goal scoring form with a consolation (his third of the season).

The next two matches were pretty good.  We lost at home to Belarus - 1-0 - but we were unlucky to go down to 10 men on 52 minutes, when Tosi was sent off for a firm, but not dirty challenge.  It changed the complexion of the game and they scored shortly after.  The final game in the league saw us take on Luxembourg again.  We managed to win 1-0 with Nicola Nanni getting his first San Marino goal late in the first half.  We couldn't add a second, but the defense was solid and we took the three points.  That meant we finished third in the table, a point behind Moldova and three behind Belarus, who were promoted.

In general, it wasn't a bad campaign - but we do need to get greater quality at the full backs particularly and on the left of midfield.  The European Championship campaign will be tougher, that's for sure.  The draw has seen us matched against Holland, Romania, Montenegro and Malta - perhaps could have been worse, but still tough enough.

San Marino Calcio

The league campaign is going really, really well.  After 18 games, we're top of the table - if only by 1 point.  The Highlight has been the home game against then 5th placed Calvina.  They looked like a decent team, probably the best we'd seen to date, moving the ball very quickly - and as such took a 1-0 lead fairly early.  I feared the worst, but we showed some real determination to battle back for a 2-1 win.



Loan striker Nasif Djibril (Bologna) has been the main goalscoring threat with 8 - but a few others have chipped in from midfield.  I've been playing a 4-1-4-1 for the most part - but have used a 4-5-1 in a couple of games, primarily to get DM Stefano Pellini to keep a DLP quiet (which has worked).

One nice surprise has been young DR Marco Mazzotti, who was signed on a long term contract before I took over.  He's 20 with 2* CA, but 3.5-4.5* PA - his average rating has been 7.21.  The only problem is that playing him means San Marino international Alessandro D'Addario gets left out of the team.  Could it be San Marino Calcio would give the national team a run for their money if they were to play each other?!

The finances were starting to get a bit concerning, but the board has injected some much needed cash.  In a 1st vs 2nd clash at home, we drew only 330, so it's your typical lower league issues.  We did take advantage of a 2 week break to schedule a friendly with Inter, which drew a full house - and was televised to make us £18,000 in all.

I've managed to get through the transfer window unscathed, with just 3 players going out on loan.  I elected not to bring anyone in, as the squad seems pretty happy right now and I didn't want to risk anyone getting upset with lack of playing time.

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