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"Attribute masking" DLC brokes Scouting

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I wrote it in Android bugs forum, but this bug is also in PC version

I have bought the "Attribute masking" DLC, and when I scout a player who has visible for me only 4 atributes (for example), when the scouting is complete, the scout gives me the posible Price, salary, pros/conts etc... but I only can see the same 4 atributes. No more atributes has been revealed. Doesn't matter how many times I demand a scout report, no more atributes are revealed.

Please fix it. I have spend money in DLC and is absolutely useless.

I don't want to play without this dlc because scouting have no sense without it in my opinion.

I hope you can fix it in next patch.


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hace 9 minutos, Connor Winks dijo:

Hi @Loren1983,

Thanks for raising this. We have reproduced your issue in-house and it is now under review with our dev team.

Thanks Connor!!! 

I hope you fix it soon. I stop playing until this bug is fixed. I can't play without Attribute masking. :(

Basically scouting is totally useless in FMT19 (PC and Android). Attribute masking is essential (can´t understand why is a DLC/unlockable in FMT and not an option like FM) for the realism of the game. 

Thanks again and good luck with it! 


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