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Contracts only till June, but season goes the whole calender year

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Description of Issue: I am managing in Indonesia where the seasons runs till december. normally contracts should run until december, too. But if i offer new contracts to players (at the club or ones i want to bring in) i can offer them only contracts like in the big european nations till june (see for example first screenshot). I think that's a bug. Because as i started at the club, the existing contracts of the players there already ended in december. And another thing is: Until the 30th of july it's not possible to register new players for the league. so if his contract run out, the player can't get registered for a new club for a whole month (in the middle of the season). If a team looses players who don't want to renew their contract, they can bringt in new players immidately (in the middle of the season). makes no sense.

Steps to Reproduce: Try to offer any player (at the club or someone you want to sign) a contract. you can only choose between end dates in June. look at some players already there, normal contract are ending in december (some in march with the end of the first transfer window, too)

Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: midseasoncontracts.fm

I have no database files installed which could cause this by adding players or something to indonesia...



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