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How to change UEFA coefficients for nations?

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Hello everyone,


In the last versions of FM, in order to change UEFA coefficients for nations, It was in "nations - informations". But the Uefa coefficients has disappeared in the FM 2019 Editor in "informations"...  anyone to know where it is now and how to change? I also checked in the leagues, nothing.


Best regards,

P. Bacanu

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Having the same problem for my Benelux project with as nation Luxembourg for the league. In game the coefficients generates perfectly, but its the history that i would like to change. Combining coefficients of Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg to challenge the likes of the big 5.

Anyone have a solution for this?. Cant really start my Benelux save before i edited the nation coefficients :(


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1 hour ago, Luke Cro said:

coefficients are located in nation.xml  file or what it should be seen in data editor... maybe @KUBI or @krlenjushka know how to enable that in editor...

anyway, SI messed up data editor big time this year :( 

i already answered to this in some other thread.


Please use search option first. We cant answer same questions day by day.

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