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Ghost Players / Floating Heads in 3D Match View

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I've had an issue with the Match Engine since game one. I installed the game at Beta level, and reported this issue there, but seeing as the whole game has been updated, I'll report again.

Every game I play, with any of the 3D engine cameras, shows all/half/some of the players as complete ghost/silhouette figures.


I have followed the steps previously provided to resolve from FM18 (thread below) but still the same issue carries on.

I've gone so far as to uninstall the game and delete all files (bar my save file) then reinstall and try again. Attached are 2 games for your investigation.

The first game (Ghost Players) is after finally deciding to switch off Classic 2D view and see how the game is since the official release update. Please excuse Jonathan Kodjia's talentless waffle of a performance.

The 2nd game (postReinstall), I have uninstalled FM2019, deleted any leftover folders from C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Football Manager 2019 and .\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019, installed again, re-verified the Steam files twice, and then loaded the game up to see if makes a difference. It does not. A third attempt, I have gone into Preferences > Interface > Clear Cache and then reloaded the skin. Same results.

I have no custom Skins, Graphics, Badges, Logos, Kits. This is a vanilla install completely. I have the latest NVIDIA drivers (416.34 dated 11/10/2018) from NVIDIA GeForce Experience driver manager.

Attached is my graphics config.log and default.txt which looks fairly relevant.

One thing I've noticed is the AppData\Local\Football Manager 2019\Caches folder contains a "fm dark alt.skc" file every time I reload the game, yet I am using the new standard skin.


Some screenshots provided as well for a quick glance. 1 and 2 are during Beta. 3 is my latest match.

Hope this helps.

Ghost Players postReinstall.pkm

Ghost Players.pkm

graphics config.log






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