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Hey , i´m trying to copy the premier league and using the new option  to share a certain amount to all the clubs in diferent divisions ...

In this case i´m using 100M€ (broadcast money) for all Liga NOS clubs , 30,5M€ (broadcast money) for all Ledman Liga Pro clubs , when it reaches day 30th , that is the day that the clubs get to know their calendar and receive the tv money , they receive it and the game automatically makes new sponsor tv deals , they get overwritted  and those individual contrats are worse than the ones that i set in the league...

Is there a way to stop the game from making automatic sponsor tv deals and simply use the amount  that was inputted in the  league rules like the premier league?

When i checked the premier league everything worked fine and they only used my premier league tv money rules



Desktop Screenshot 2018.11.03 -

Desktop Screenshot 2018.11.03 -

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