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Ben Parker

Match highlights not matching the actual result

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When I'm going back to review older games from earlier in the season and click to view the goals or highlights, I'm sometimes having a situation where the highlights appear to be totally separate from the recorded result; the goals are different, the scores don't match, and the scorers may be different too. 

Hard one to explain - but take this Parma v Fiorentina match below, which finished 3-1 - with Inglese getting a hat trick (this is what I remember happening):


When I go to view the highlights however, the game has apparently finished 1-1, and the scorers are Rigoni and Graiciar (and I don't recall these highlights at all):

Notice the details in the top scroll bar of highlights above the pitch. 




Has anyone else had this? I'm on the latest version of the full game, 19.1.1 

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Had same issue with online game mate, 

1st game it showed my mate keita being sent off for my Liverpool team when he was viewing but it never happened in my game .


2nd game I was watching his United game, Bournemouth went 1-0 up on my screen showed me the highlight and everything but was still 0-0 on his.. he ended up winning 1-0 



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