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Deman's Capitals Challenge

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The idea is an adjustment to previous Capital Challenges I have seen in the past and this year I will be doing it myself so posting some rules to follow.

The simple idea is to give you an almost never ending game to run through the ages, I've enjoyed doing dafuges challenge through the years or trying to win every trophy possible within the same year but they all got completed too soon and I always wondered what next.

So the idea is you work your way down the UEFA Coefficient League Ranking playing a team from the Capital and winning every domestic trophy and Champions League before moving down the list.

So simple easy start: Spain - Madrid ( Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Rayo Vallecano ),

next stop London, your choice can be Premier League or all the way down in non league.

Working you way down the official UEFA Coefficient list


No Editor to be used, Do not add key staff, Any Tactic Allowed.


Enjoy and post your results through the decades as this one could take until FM2020!


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My first season with Real Madrid, won everything. Beating PSG 2-1 in the Champions League.

I signed; Clyne (28m), Sturridge (22.5m), Maximiliano Gomez (14m), Kieran Tierney (22.5), Javi Martinez (48.5m). In Jan i signed; Thorgan Hazard (60m) and Johann Berg Gudmundsson (38.5m)

I sold Benzema to Man Utd for 60m


I play a 2-6-2 formation. I had money to splash and ML Inverted wingers are limited. Reason i spent a lot of cash for the two ML/MR.

Noticeable stats are:
Gudmundsson played 18 games with 11 goals and 2 assists. 
Sturridge  played 41 games with 24 goals and 9 assists
Maximiliano Gomez played 43 games with 21 goals and 6 assists.


I came 1st in the league going 31/5/2 with an 81 GD. Valencia was 2nd in the league with 93 points going 28/9/1 


I'm now playing as Arsenal. I've just signed Thorgan Hazard for £35m and Christian Pulisic for £100m

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Okay finished my first season in Madrid, with Real Madrid.

Finished 1st in the league with 103 points with a GD on 90.

Champions League; Lost to Liverpool in semi finale. Lost 5-0 on Anfield, after Isco got a red card after 5 minutes. Won 3-1 at home, but that wasnt enough.

Went to the cup finale, where i lost 2-1 to Valencia.


IN: Tierney, Rulli, Belotti and in January i got Pavard, and 3 talents in; Trincao, Morilla and Joveljic.

OUT: Casilla, Navas and in January i sold Nacho to Man Utd.

 Transfers for the new Season:

Sold Bale and Macelo to United. They where overpaid and injured all the time.

Wanted to bring in Memphis, but he went to PSG.

Working on getting Chiesa to the side.

I have already made a deal with Everton 23 y/o brazilian coming from Gremio.

Also brought Chakvetadze og Rodrygo.

+ and Italian striker Regen, Baldini from Samdoria.


Will be looking to strengthen the offensive part of the field and one or two more defenders. I feel very confident about the midfield for the upcoming season.


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Done with 2nd season in Madrid.

Won the league - 101 pts and GD on 116.

Won the Cup 3-0 against Atl. Madrid in the finale.

But the champions League......

Was up 3-1 away against Bayern, away, in the first leg. Then they score 2 in the last 10 minutes to make it 3-3 in Germany.

At home I get Tierney sent off at 24 minutes. Manage to be leading 3-1 after 56 minutes...However they score the winning goal at the 90th minute, to make the game 3-4. So i'm out in the Quater Finale. So another year in spain it is.


The team I have is so talented, that i expect to smash the league again. Just need to stop getting the red cards in the champions league, and we are good.


Notable Transfers:




Joao Felix


+ A few other talents for depth.

Total: 283 M



Bale and Marcelo to Man Utd

Ramos to PSG

Kovacic to Man City

+ a few bad players.

Total: 273 M


Think I will be looking for a top quality striker for the next season, other than that, im really pleased with the squad and the depth of it.

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