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Manager morale and form

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As with football players dropping in and out of form, It would be welcome for some managers to have a variable value similar to a player's morale that would be potentially set in the pre-game database to more effectively simulate how real life managers can seemingly be in or out of form, while their core attributes remain more or less the same. Real-life examples could be found at a certain Manchester-based club, where an arguably world class manager has under-performed in at least his last two jobs. 

As far as I know, the mood of your players will now mostly be affected by your reputation and the team's form, but an additional dimension to this would be that a manager's low or high morale could be contagious to the team dynamic as a whole. Opening up for a form or morale value to managers would add an interesting dimension to the game instead of simply changing his/her reputation and his players' morale. 

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