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Player bunching when playing with 3 strikers or 3 AMCs

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Will upload pkm if neccessary but this issue is very easily replicable. Only happens at certain points in the game, never when defending, but does occur regularly as you can see by how many examples I found in just a short space of game time. In this game I was playing with 3 strikers. I used the widest possible attacking width and the PI of 'stay wider' on the outside strikers. It did not seem to make a difference whether the strikers were given the same role or not, this issue went on regardless










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On 09/01/2019 at 14:08, Antonio Dossantos said:

Hi @91427


This issue has been logged immediately.


Just wondering, there seems to be a quite a few issues that have been logged and that are being looked into. Are you guys able to communicate anything as to when these things will get addressed in a patch? Or where in your process you currently are when it comes to fixing this? It feels like we're being left in the dark when all we read is that it's being looked into.

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