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In Game Editor - Why do you use?

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20 minutes ago, velvetsky said:

You create a manager with the name you wish as well as a generate a face using a photo from the internet of your chosen ex player. Add their dob and place of birth their international caps and goals etc. In the edit add their favourite clubs - I tend to add all their ex clubs. On the right it says “supporter” change this to ex player this way it links you in the game with these clubs. Eg if you were playing as Philip lahm ( as I have chosen to do currently) I have added on Bayern with the hope that when I am ready I shall get the top job there. You can also edit the clubs information and make your manager an icon etc this then can link you to the club 

Cheers 😁

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I use in-game editor for various experiments with tactics and player attributes. For long-term saves, it's disabled to prevent any temptations. :)

And once I did something similar to you, added 200 million € to transfer budget of every club in the league and played one season. It was fun.

P.S. Though, I want "Kill All Agents" button... (not a joke, really)

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