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Captain Morgan

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Hey lads, a quick search doesn't turn up anything so I thought I'd ask the question.

I've just noticed a new folder called "future regens.edt" in the 1910 database edt folder.


A quick look at the file shows a player called Captain Morgan, from Wales. Any idea what this is about?



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Someone at SI wants a Welsh regen called Captain Morgan. 

That's pretty much anyone can say at this time. 

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Apologies if I am being thick here - if I find and edit that file, can I also have future regen players pop up? Whats the significance of the various numbers - the height and weight I can guess, but the others aren't so obvious

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That is correct. 

I can't say the exact numbers but I'd guess that the two bigger numbers are current and favourite clubs. 8 is quite possibly favourite squad number. Unfortunately you  have to do trial and error if nobody else really knows what the numbers mean. 

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Here's an explanation of the fields - they don't look like they've changed since '11 or so:

"DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "First Name" "Common Name" "Last Name" "Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy)" "Nation (first nationality)" "Favourite Team" "Ethnicity" "Skin Tone" "Hair Colour" "Height (in cm)" "Weight (in kg)" "Preferred Foot" "Preferred Position" "Favourite Number" "Birth City" "CA" "PA" "Club ID"

Assuming nothing's changed, the values to use are:


Unknown/random = -1

Northern europe = 0

Mediterrean/hispanic = 1

North african/middle eastern = 2,

African/caribbean = 3,

Asian = 4,

South east asian = 5,

Pacific islander = 6,

Native american = 7,

Native australian = 8,

Mixed race white/black = 9

East asian = 10

Skin tone:

a value of 1-20, with 1 being the lightest and 20 being the darkest

Hair colour:

Unknown/random = 0,

Blond = 1,

Light brown = 2,

Dark brown = 3,

Red = 4,

Black = 5,

Grey = 6,

Bald = 7

Preferred foot:

Right only = 0,

Left only = 1,

Right preferred = 2,

Left preferred = 3,

Both = 4




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 I tried to create new regen within the file,  but never appeared in the game.

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