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Competitive Transfer Market

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Just wondering what set-up people use at the start of the game to get a good competitive transfer market.

In the past, I have always used the biggest database and a fair few leagues so I could explore the world looking for future stars. However, in FM18 (still playing) I'm finding that I cannot sell players at much profit, if at all. I'm a newly promoted team, so no-one is on big wages. If I want to buy anyone, I pay full price as a minimum - but I have players worth a few million and I can't move them on for free. Striker worth 4.5 million - £2k a week - 25+ goals for 3 seasons in a row - no-one interested in any bid...

I've wondered if the set-up of the game may affect this. I've started a new save, with many leagues, but small database to reduce the numbers of players. I had hoped this would generate more competition - but no real sign of that so far. I watch a number of FM games on You Tube and see others seem to sell on unwanted players quite easily or get big bids for good players. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried general offering, asking players to speak to clubs, offering at unspecified amounts, adding to unwanted lists. I can understand that by trying to move them on, I am perhaps limiting the amount offered - but would still expect some sort of bid! Or if someone does bid for my star players, no matter what I set the asking price to, they bid their value only.

I have also thought about reducing the number of leagues to avoid saturation - but don't want to overpower just a few leagues and reduce competition in European tournaments.

Any tips?

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If you are looking to sell players, you have to expect to get bids at or below the value of the player. This is because if a team knows you are looking to sell, they will try to buy for as cheap as possible. Just like you expect to buy players for cheaper when they are on the transfer list, for instance. Bids for players who are not for sale may initially be low (testing the water, unsettling a player, etc) but you can usually negotiate up to a reasonable fee (or so high you do not have to sell at all). I think the max I ever sold a player for who was "not for sale" was 120 million. 

As to why teams do not want to buy a player, there can be many reasons (although why sell a 25 goal striker anyway?). You have clearly shown it should not be a wage issue, so I will not talk about that. Perhaps the player is not good enough for clubs at your level, but does not want to move to a team at a lower level? This would stop teams putting in bids, there is no point bidding if the player will not join even if the bid is accepted. Thing of this as the same as the "interested in transfer" filter we have in the scouting menu. You do not go around making bids for players who are not interested in joining your club, and neither does the AI. The AI also judges, I think, based on CA and/or PA, rather than goals. Maybe reputation also plays a part, but someone who knows more can answer that better than I, I think. Another reason an AI team may not bid even for no money would be they can get a better player with their budget, and prioritize that transfer. I usually keep tabs on a couple of players if I am looking to replace a specific player, and always go for the best option within my budget first, not the cheapest. I guess the AI does something similar. By the way, another trick here is to not put players you think you may need to sell one or two seasons down the line on long contracts. Then if you cannot transfer them, you do not have them in your squad for years before you can release them

In terms of setup, I have no problems running the major leagues around the world, plus a couple of the more important minor european leagues (it keeps the european competitions fresh) with a large database, no addons. I never have any real problem with selling or buying players. I have sold fringe players easily (although not for profit, you do not sell players via transfer listing or offering them out to make a lot of money), I have sold one player for £80 million (his release clause was activated), and managed to purchase players well (some players are simply not for sale for anything less than a stupid price, so I do not try for them). As long as you have the correct expectations, you should not have that many issues.

Hope that helped some.

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