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Tactical Advice and briefing

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Im never sure what to do about the pre-match briefing or the pre-match tactical advice and just wondered what other people thought. 

I have struggled on the BETA to get any consistency. I started with one of the pre-set tactics and just went from there. At the start of each game I was letting my assman take charge of the pre-match briefing and then i would apply all of his advice when it came to the pre-match tactical advice thinking that it would improve my tactic.

Could applying his tactical advice be confusing the players and having a detrimental impact on the formation? I haven’t played the full version of the game in a couple of years so just trying to get to grips with the new features. I have seen a lot of people saying that they are finding the game very easy but i seem to be struggling. 

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IN FM18 the advice offered by the assistant is biased towards HIS preferences and does not consider yours at all.

Think of it as a "this is how I would do it" list of instructions.


As an example he always recommends switching to a flat 451 for every match.

His preferred formation (on his profile) is 451.


Take the advice offered with a pinch of salt. Some of it will be useful, some of it not.

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Yeah I have found that the assistant is sometimes conflicting with my tactic setup.  For example I am playing fluid counter which has shorter passing as default, because of this I play with a quicker striker (a false 9) so looking for someone better on the ball, but he is no good for direct passes...  but my assistant constantly tells me to change to direct.  

Looking at the defaults, the direct counter has direct passing with a TM as its default striker, but that wont work with my tactic unless I change the F9 role. 

So far I have won 21, drawn 0 and lost 5, top scorers in the league and 3rd best defence...  I only use the assistants advice when it comes to injuries or where they highlight a specific player having to much space etc.

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