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FM 19 Wulf 41311 442 PF Pilgrimage 451,4141 442 and Flat 451 Knap

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TIME is a no PI tactic - PIGRIMAGE was a Fluid tactic from FM 18 and BEOWULF was a FM 16 tactic. The underlying philosophy of the tactics are different. FM 19 has lost a lot of tactic characteristics and is now very bland and insipid.

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They relate to settings or style of the tactic, although a tactic like BEOWULF is from FM 16, all BEOWULF Tactics use the same basic underlying setting no matter what formation.


ROUTE 66 Very direct passing

STARGAZING Hit early crosses


ARGUS This relates to the Structured team shape in FM 18

GOODBYE Very Fluid Team Shape in FM18 and minimum TIs

DARK SIDE Maximum TI s and PIs.

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Just posted this on the Discord, but have been testing this new one (the argus KNAP 41131 P108 a few posts above) with FC United (1st season) and great results so far (played 7, won 7) - my squad is far from amazing too, most pre-game predictions go against my team (was 4th when i started testing, now 3rd).


As suggested, so much variance with stats so low in general but it's by far the most solid tactic i've tried in this division (have conceded 32 in 29 games, but only 1 in the last 7 using this tactic). I would describe my guys as 'creatively challenged' - the trend has been lots of chances but few clear ones/conversions, but they've been making and scoring a lot more regularly with this too. Appreciate 7 games isn't a great sample, but such is the turnaround it's worth noting.


EDIT: Played a couple of the top teams in my league and found that playing 'offside trap' was causing me some issues with the dreaded long ball over the top so disabled it to good effect. With better players naturally I think i'll turn it back on.


2nd Edit: Had a few issues next day weirdly - the change was like night and day so moved across to Knap's 4411 and had GREAT success! If any llm wannabe's are interested then head across for details!

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I am currently using 19.2.1 Argus and I have a positive goal difference of +111 and only played 28 league games so far. I am just belting everyone. It's brutal.


This is with Real Madrid in 2023. I wouldnt even say it's that good of a squad either, I've just taken over this season.



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