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Staff Ratings - display issue?

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I was trying to work out the new staff ratings and am unsure if this is a display bug or my calculations are simply wrong. I couldn't find any formulas for the new ratings so I'm working on the following assumptions:

GK-SS: SS*9 + DDM*2

GK-H: Hand*6 + Dist*3 + DDM*2

Def-Tac: Def*6 + Tac*3 + DDM*2

Def-Tec: Def*6 + Tec*3 + DDM*2

Att-Tac: Att*6 + Tac*3 + DDM*2

Att-Tec: Att*6 + Tec*3 + DDM*2

Pos-Tac: Ment*6 + Tac*3 + DDM*2

Pos-Tec: Ment*6 + Tac*3 + DDM*2

Fitness (same for Str & Quick): Fit*9 + DDM*2

This has proved correct in most of the data I've looked at, but there are inconsistencies in the Positioning categories, as well as one outlier in Fitness (the U23 Fitness Coach at Man City). The attached screenshot shows Staff Stats, In-Game Rating (when assigned to only one category), 0-300 Rating Calculation based on surmised formulae above, and the star rating based on that. The top batch of data is from my Gillingham beta save, and the bottom batch from Man City loaded as a comparison. Where the calculation matches the in-game value, the cell is shaded yellow, otherwise unformatted.

So, display/calculation error, or my formulae completely off?


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