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FM 21 BETA - FM 20 Tactic List FM 19 Recommended Tactic List

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No disclosed ME changes. There is a 2.2 version and above 2.3.

If you want to game manage more then check Optimusprimal82 posts in TIME 4411 Thread. Having a control and SUS type tactics are a good idea anyway.

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3 minutes ago, knap said:

There is a 442 Cardiff tactic in OP which won PL with Cardiff.

The 451 is more about possession rather than winning, although appears good defensively with top teams.


ahaa, I am Macclesfield in the first season, maybe the cardiff one is the way to go?

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    Sub Mid sub top total
!FM19.2.3BEOWULF442WMAFKnapP105Salah Home 99 123 222
  Away 65 96 161
  Total 164 219 383
!FM19.2.3BEOWULF4222IWPVOLKnapVAP112ALLCUPS Home 94 120 214
  Away 61 97 158
  Total 155 217 372
!FM19.2.2BEOWULF442WMPKnapP110ALLCUPS Home 97 118 215
  Away 65 91 156
  Total 162 209 371
!FM19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112 Home 100 117 217
  Away 65 88 153
  Total 165 205 370
!FM19.2.3BEOWULF442WMPKnapP106ALLCUPSSalah424P105 Home 101 118 219
  Away 52 94 146
  Total 153 212 365
!FM19.2.2BEOWULF442IWPKnapP104ALLCUPS Home 94 124 218
  Away 47 99 146
  Total 141 223 364
!FM19.2.3TIMEKnapCF442VAP112 Home 101 121 222
  Away 47 94 141
  Total 148 215



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Hey knap im still using your 19.2.2Beowulf442 tactic and its amazing its not even fluid and blowing teams away , Have not played for a month and back on today and must say its the best and most fun i have had playing Football manager for a few years , Thanks 

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Playing as the worst team in the Championship 1st season, Roterham. Hammered Ajax and Celtic away from home in pre-season, so was expecting good, but this is just silly. Promotion with 11 games to go, and beating Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool to win the CCup (so we're in Europe next season already).

Thanks for sharing Knap!






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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 BETA - FM 20 Tactic List FM 19 Recommended Tactic List

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