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FM 20 Tactic List and FM 19 Recommended Tactic List

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Just now, miangelo said:

Hi @RDF Tactics

Is that the same tactic you used to play with Bournemouth?

basically the same. just a few tweaks as i tried to use the same for LFC but it wasnt consistent. i changed the CM role to box to box. included "work into box" and "tackle harder"

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35 minutes ago, RDF Tactics said:

for LFC i only used this one. Im playing the full version with Arsenal now, so if i come up with a away version i'll put it up

Thank you

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1 hour ago, RDF Tactics said:

WOW! yes its a LFC test but no signings, no editors used (game status screenshot here too) in all comps PL64 W54 D7 L3. Won 5 cups including the CL also winning the league with 105pts. All matches instant result used

its named Tequilas Cousin as its a tweak of Knaps TequilaSunrise

!!FM20.4.0TequilasCousin4141.fmf 45.04 kB · 95 downloads


please can you share a link to your bournemouth tactic, thanks in advance 





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6 minutes ago, lordy159 said:

please can you share a link to your bournemouth tactic, thanks in advance 





its basically the same. i said the changes above. the CM role in CM changed to box to box, tackle harder is in bournemouth test and neither is work ball into box

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FM 20.4 and 20.3 me 2040  Tactics  (includes FM 20.2 Beta tactics and FM 20.2.4)



Because I test with top, the pts total in tactic name will give an idea of what is best for top club, Top Clubs should be able to use all of the tactics.

Elite  Club say 1-2in League (Lpool MC etc) Top  3-7 in League

Top 3-  7 in League

Good  8-11

Average 12-16

Poor 17-20

Can also use Top and Sub Top a Home Tactic Underdog Away or

Top Favourite Sub Top Evens Underdog if Underdog


How is Tactic Testing done?
We test each tactic over a 90 game season (11 months in total) with 5 teams of varying levels of both ability and reputation. Each team is in a self-contained league that mimics real-life (majority the same level, but some are in the level above or below). This means that our test teams should be around mid-table level.

To make the test balanced transfers, internationals, injuries and fatigue are turned off for all teams.

What are the levels and how are they calculated?
Levels of teams are based on club reputation. The levels are as follows:


Elite - Barcelona, Arsenal

Top - Borussia Dortmund, FC Krasnodar

Good - CEC, Rangers

Average - Malmo FF, Newcastle United Jets

Lower - Al-Rayyan Sports Club, Southport

We worked out the average reputation of each of the levels, combined with taking a set of 5 clubs (2 top reputation, 2 lowest reputation and 1 in the middle) to find out the Top and Bottom CA for players, as well as the Median.




Cadoni recommendations


My journey with Maidstone:

I have to blame myself, not designing and playing from 1 match with 20.4.0 TEA FOR ONE VOL4 4411 P103 ALL CUPS.

I have designed my team to play with Black Echo 442.

If someone plays at Vanarama, they know that finding players is PITA.

Three defeats with 20.4.0 TEA FOR ONE.

Rest defeats with Black Echo.



Breaking wins for the team


What about goals? We have it.


My goal machine (this is a joke Knap, congrats)



Regarding for yellow and red cards and fouls




The more serious things about the game.

I am taking responsibility of training.

I am using 2 Match from FM Korea and Chance Creation & Score More Goals from Passion4FM.


I am also using training sche. for youths from Passion4FM.

Not so much for comment about those, I have started to use it 8 months (in game) now.

Chance Creation & Score More Goals sche. really helps. I haven't checked Youths.


Demand More when we are winning by 1 goal.

Show Some Passion when we are back at score.

Praise when winning 2 or more goals.


FA Trophy and if we make League 2 promotion, who knows.


MRr Hough recommended shouts

Use shouts Show Some Passion and Demand More. Also concentrate if leading by a few goals

Edited Wednesday at 21:24 by knap

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On 11/03/2020 at 19:10, knap said:

FM 20.4.0


!!!!FM20.4.0LookAwayKnap4132P102ALLC'UPS.fmf 45.24 kB · 330 downloads





Was messing around trying to find a perfect formation for how I wanted the game to play.. end up on a VERY similar formation and then went looking for this.  Defensively SOLID and good going forward.. ideal formation and works sub top very well.

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eencae has been using Kashmir with Wigan but also using a non hard tackle version for away games.Probably needs another season of testing, butif you want to try this version let me know.


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I've not posted any updates from my Parma season recently, I have a decent team now so good results are expected. I'm just chasing a Champions League which escapes me now.. Lost a semi final and 2 Finals so far, We'll get it though.






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Knap help please....

used a mix of 4411 and the tea for one 4321 to get Winchester to the premier league and finished 7th in first season (Awesome tactic). The problem is I get smashed away from home against top 6. I have tried the 442 away tactic with even worse results. Any other suggestions for getting good results away from home with a mid table ish team.

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I would imagine sub top and google docs can be sorted for sub top recommended tactics.

My pick would be Kashmir 433 Oxford tactics 4321 Mississippi or Tea Tequila Sunrise 41311 Black Echo 4141


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3 minutes ago, knap said:



Good season. I like how the RDF  big away plays Killing Floor is good woth possession. What was average possession over season?

About 53% possession which is good for Bournemouth. I played liverpool 3 games in a row, 2 were back to back EPL games and one was the Carabao cup final, I used big away for all 3 of those games. Beat Arsenal 4-0 and City too which was nuts. I always struggling against city on FM 



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So @knap i carried on and started a new full game save and it plays much better on this than on FMT and look at the results  the ones i lost i panicked and changed tactic 2 or 3 times during the game but once i started trusting the tactic i am doing wonders witn Tottenham hotspurs , You just have to give it time but in full game works so much better as you can give team talks and shouts to turn your games around !! Thank you !!




Edited by marksmithlfc1234
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Anyone who is looking for a 4-4-2 tactic i would give Knaps 4-4-2 FM20.2.3Wulf tactic. Season 1 I had 1 striker with 42 goals the other one had 33 goals... this year  1 striker already has 16 goals in 9 games and im not even playing as a top league either I'm playing as a academy.

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18 minutes ago, Fmfan00 said:

Anyone who is looking for a 4-4-2 tactic i would give Knaps 4-4-2 FM20.2.3Wulf tactic. Season 1 I had 1 striker with 42 goals the other one had 33 goals... this year  1 striker already has 16 goals in 9 games and im not even playing as a top league either I'm playing as a academy.

Link please ?

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16 hours ago, knap said:

I would try an Oxford tactic maybe Kashmir at home and Tequila Big away.

For my rather average Cardiff team, Kashmir doesn't do at all well away from home.

At home, it's been great: Played 6, Won 6, scored 17, conceded 3


Away, it's been awful: Played 3, Lost 3, scored 3, conceded 10

I didn't like it in away games right from the off so didn't use it in all of them.
At home though, can't fault it even against the big teams.

You do get a lot of bookings though, due to the 'Get Stuck In' TI and my relatively small squad has suffered.
That's probably another reason it's not that suitable for lesser teams.

In hindsight, I should never have switched from Tea 4411. The season was going great apart from a blip in Dec/Jan which prompted me to look for something else.
For my latest game, away at Villa, I switched back to it and was much happier.
Even though we lost in injury time, we had played 75+ minutes with 10 men and had taken the lead.


Bear in mind this is only the 2nd season in the game, we are doing superbly well. Predicted to finish 15th, we have a chance of CL football next season, if I can get my suspended players back!


I did briefly try Tequila Big Away but didn't really like it. Think I'll stick with Tea 4411 for away games.

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9 hours ago, knap said:

@RDF Tactics

I had a lot of RNG with tests..

Can you confirm which tactics I should add to Google docs, or are you still testing?


i just finished a season with Crewe using this tactic. Predicted to finish 7th...


113 goals scored. 109pts. 

but just add the one you tested, thats the one i used

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