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Ivan Osijek

(FM17) Croatian Super Cup not being played / bug?

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I'm playing FM17 with Croatian club Osijek in my 3rd season. I'm not using any league or database modifiers, although maybe I should have because now I can't see who is my 2nd team playing against because they are in the 3rd league which is not playable (could have been playable if I downloaded the modifier and added it). So now I have to schedule friendlies for my 2nd team regularly, but that's another issue.

I think there is a problem with Croatian Super Cup. 

Rijeka won the Croatian First League season 2017/18, and Hajduk won the Croatian Cup 2017/18:



But they did not play the Croatian Super Cup in the beginning of the season 2018/19, in which I am now. But Dinamo is listed as the winner of Croatian Super Cup 2018/19, which should not be the case:


On the other hand, Rijeka and Hajduk ARE listed on the World View panel as participating in Croatian Super Cup:


I wonder if they are going to play the Croatian Super Cup in the end, maybe in the next season?

But then this would be a mistake, because the Croatian Super Cup is always held at the beginning of a new football season, and is only held when different clubs win the two most important competitions (Croatian First League and Croatian Cup) in the PREVIOUS season (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croatian_Football_Super_Cup).

For instance, Rijeka won the Croatian Cup 2013/14, and they played against Dinamo that won the League 2013/14, so they played the Super Cup 2014/15 (in the NEXT season) which Rijeka won:




In any case, I hope they will play the Super Cup after all, because I'm a slow player and I don't intend to restart my entire FM career in order to be able to add the Croatian Super Cup via modifications. Then I'll just pretend it doesn't exist. :D


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