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[FM19] Les Gones - Olympique Lyonnais

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18 hours ago, john1 said:

Wow Dijon finished 3rd?! :eek: Brilliant season overall, shame you suffered a blip in February. Awesome youth intakes :cool:


Shame your laptop gone to repair :(

I know! I was really surprised to see how well they did, I kept expecting them to drop off at some point and it never happened. I'm keen to see if a case of 'second season syndrome' hits them; as it I expect it might. I did enjoy this season to be fair, February was a real pain but it happens. Overall to lose just five games all season is a positive - hopefully we can lower that amount again next season. Great to see the intake too, I was very pleased. :D 

Very annoyed about it and already suffering from withdrawal :(:lol:.

5 hours ago, kidthekid said:

Great first season. Congrats on the cup win.

Thanks! Very pleased to win some silverware straight off the bat.

5 hours ago, nastymiller said:

Keep us all updated on Bernard your 14 year old already 6ft Physical Poacher........I have a vision of a tall aggressive Gary Lineker for some reason??? See if you can get him loaned out and start getting some 1st team stats :-)

And well done for a cracking 1st season.

He has an incredible future ahead of him, if I manage him correctly. Usually I manage lower league sides, so I'm very intrigued to see a potential world beater at my club. Thanks! :D 

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I have some good news and bad news! :D :( 


1. I have managed to purchase a new laptop. This was required as the old laptop was unable to be repaired.

2. However, I stupidly didn't carry over my Lyon save and therefore this thread is now void, as I would have to restart.


I would like to thank everyone for the support given to me during this brief save, however I will be looking to start a new save very soon! I look forward to showcasing my new save and I hope you enjoy it just as much as you and I enjoyed this season with Lyon in France. :) 

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Looking forward to whatever comes from you next. Shame it's short lived, but these things happen.

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